How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 12)


How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 12)

TRANSCRIPT: Alright, basic rule on conversion number three, what they see is what they buy. This is important to understand when you’re setting up specials pages, when you decide what’s on your pop up, your floaters, your slide ins, whatever. See when your visitors are in a hurry or pressed for time especially as they might be on mobile they’re more likely to interact with visual content. So buttons and forms with pictures for example, or any images. So think about that when you look at your mobile site especially. Make sure that that text us button is nice and clear when I get to the site. Make sure that if you have any kind pop on the site that it’s very clear, it’s very visual for the customer.

They will interact with that.

Basic rule of conversion number four is avoid calls to action that resemble an ad. See we’ve learned as humans to avoid looking at ads online and anything that resembles an ad, so your calls to action shouldn’t look like that cool banner ad that is at the top of every website that you go to.

Rule number five, rule number five is rotating headers look cool but they rarely convert. In fact, they rarely even get any clicks. Now I understand why you’ve done rotating headers that’s where you have that big image on your home page and it rotates. And the reason you have rotating headers is one; you’ve got to make your OEM happy. They want make sure you’ve got the lead special on your home page, and you’ve got to make every department happy.

The service manager wants his page the parts manager wants his page. And so you’ve got these rolling headers. The problem is, is some people a lot of our visitor’s think that these are ads and they avoid them. They get what’s called banner blindness. And they don’t even look at our rotating headers that we have on the page.

And here is a perfect example of that. Here’s a perfect study. Notre Dame did a study, they had a rotating header on their website. There were five images rotated in order and they found that 84% of the clicks on the rotating banners were on the first banner. “Oh that’s great Steve so we’re gonna put our…,” No. But the fact of the matter is only 1% of all their clicks happened on the banners.

That means that the first banner got one click for every 119 visitors to the website. If you have to have rotating headers to please an OEM or to please your departments fine, but realize they’re not going to convert. That’s a basic rule.

Basic rule number six of conversion. Color and contrast first, and then message second. So when you’re building a button make sure that the color and contrast it works for your site. Now some of you have OEM rules. You can only have certain color of buttons. That’s fine, but for those of you who can vary it you want to test this over time. Color and contrast first, message second.

Now, in general we think green means go, and red means stop, but red also means urgent and a deal. And the best way to test your buttons is to do AB testing with heat maps. Now, I’m show you real quick some heat maps, these are just we don’t need to dive too deeply into this. Just so we know… Just so we’re all in the same page what heat maps are, you should be using these on your website and they’re actually are some pretty cool tools out there that are not expensive.

I’m going to leave this up for a minute so you guys can get this names down. If you need the heat maps for your website go to any of these,, I think its but just Google Sumo Me. Also look at Labs media. I looked at… I’ve looked at these, I’ve had these on dealer sites. These are great heat and click maps mostly. They show you where people click on your site. You can do AB testing with your buttons, using the color and the messaging using these heat maps.

The reason that there are different prices up there is because Lucky Orange actually has a lot of different sizes. It’s not a one size foots all, but $50 package seems to fit for most dealers. The Sumo Me $39 package and by the way they have more than just heat maps, seems to fit for most dealers and the free package from Labs Media for an average to a smaller size dealer that is really all you need. They’re very easy to set up, get your website provider to set these up for you. Not a lot code goes into it. Again, I’ll leave that up for just a second so you take a look at it.

When you do this AB testing, when you put things on your site and you AB test, use keep performance indicators, KBI’s but make sure they’re useful measurements don’t look at time one site or bounce rate. See because you have so many landing pages now throughout your website, this is not the same as it was.

In fact, when I was working for Reynold’s Web Solutions we had tons of landing pages throughout our site. Meaning that people are finding content and coming directly into a deep link into our site. Because that landing page might show them exactly what they want to see, they’re going to show as a bounce. They get right on the vehicle they want.
They searched used Ford Mustangs in your market. They found your vehicle detail page view. They saw the exact Mustang they’ve been looking for. It’s at the right price. They close their computer. They run down and buy the car. They’re going to show us a bounce. Time on site and bounce rate are meaningless.

And I’m going to show you exactly why. These are meaningless. What’s better? These are two dealers that I’ve worked with. One of them had average time on site for visitors of three minutes and 24 seconds. The other one had an average time on site of four minutes and 14 seconds. Which one do you think is better? Use the hashtag UD Advantage to tell me which is better and you’ll be entered into our contest. Now, obviously you know where I’m going with this.

The dealer who had the three minutes and 24 seconds time on site that dealer is up more than 40% year over year off right now okay. The dealer with a four minute and 14 seconds time on site is actually down year over year. See time on site is meaningless. If you give them the content that they’re looking for quickly they will either submit a lead or they’ll stop everything run on down and give you a chance to earn their business.

Let’s talk about, when we talk about location. See, what happens if we missed our chance? What happens if they were on site? What’s the best location to have a lead form after they leave? A lot of you are doing retargeting. In fact, some of you are spending $10,000 a month or more retargeting people who’ve been to your website.

Why? Because you want to get them back to your website so that you have a chance to earn their business, get them back to the website, get them to complete the lead form, get them back to the website, get them to pick up the phone, get them back to the website, show them enough information so they drop everything and run out and buy a car.

Well that retargeting is… I was going to say great, that’s good for some of you. I would look at the ROI on that. Again this is not a class around that or even around Google analytics there’s a lot of people out there that can show you that.