How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 11)


How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 11)

TRANSCRIPT: So how can I tell if my parasites are working? How can I tell if they’re doing a good job?

See, here’s a problem. See some website providers hate parasites. They’re going to be quick to tell you that you don’t need parasites. Why because they want you to buy everything from them. They’re going to tell you that your parasites are chasing away visitor’s yada, yada, yada.

Okay, if you want to know if your parasites are working you measure. You look at leads, you look at sales you look at cost for leads, you look at cost for sale, and you look at the cannibalization rate by adding one parasite and measuring, adding another parasite and measuring. And you measure over time and you take a look at it and you keep the working parasites. Alright so we know about parasites, we know about leads. Where should these things be?

Where should our calls to action be? Where should our parasites be on our site? What are the good locations?
See where you place your message, where you place your parasite, where you place your form or your calls to action can actually affect whether or not you’re successful at converting. So when we look at where we should place these things, here’s a quick checklist.

You need to make sure that you’ve got your conversion forms on your home page. That you’ve got conversion links in your menus, that there are on your search results pages and your vehicle detail pages. You need to have them on your specials pages. You need to make sure that those convert. You need to have them on your department pages.

You need to treat your website as if I’m a first time visitor to your site. Now, people… You may have this saying before, the best place to hide a body is page two of google. The same is true for areas of your website. Think about this, when we talk about the basic rules of conversion. Let’s look at rule number one; which is to stay above the fold.

That is the basic rule of conversion. Rule number one is to stay above the fold.

I’m going to explain what that is to you in a second. I’m sorry that I’m jumping around over here trying to work with one clicker. This is a newspaper. Some of you may not have seen one of these before. This is actually a business journal but I want to make sure that you understand what I’m talking about ‘below the fold’.

This comes from newspapers and when we say stay above the fold on your website, it means everything people can see without having to scroll. Because the stuff up here gets viewed more than the stuff down here. It was true for newspapers, it’s true for your website.

A company called Nielsen Norman group they did study okay and they found that users spent 80.3% of their time above the fold and 19.7% below the fold. See people have a limited attention span for long pages. Scrolling is fine, but there are some really cool sites out there that don’t make it crystal clear that your page promotes scrolling.

If you’re going to require some scrolling on a page especially vehicle detail page you’ve got to have some scrolling you want to make sure that its crystal clear that I can scroll. You’re going to make sure that I can see right on the right side of the page where I can scroll from and you never want to horizontal scrolling. Believe or not some people still do, because only about 1% are ever going to see anything that doesn’t show up on the first screen.

The second basic rule of conversion is location. Left to right think about that. Left then right. I’m I doing this in the right way… Left then right there we go. See people spend more of their time looking on the information on the left side of the page than they do on the right side of the page generally speaking. In fact, the Nielsen Norman group found that 69% of the time that people spent on the website spend on the left side and only 30% on the right side of a page.