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How Car Dealers can Get the Most from this Free Online Training

There is so much free, up-to-date video training on that we cannot imagine your dealership having to pay for old school training videos or virtual training that uses dated talk tracks and teaches an antiquated road to the sale. It just doesn’t make sense!

Today’s consumers have all the answers before they ever contact your team or set foot on your lot; and your dealership’s processes and talk tracks have to adapt to this reality. This means you should be training with the most up-to-the-minute, millennial-driven lessons you can find. The great news for you is that Steve cannot personally train every car dealer, dealer group or OEM in North America – there just isn’t enough time – so we make his video training available to you for free!

If you can focus your team on the following curriculum, you will have gone a long way toward improving your sales, market share, gross profits, employee turnover and customer satisfaction. (If you don’t think you can properly motivate your team to watch and implement the lessons in these videos, then you may want to explore a fit between you and Steve – you’re just one click away to see if your team is a fit for the training and consulting Steve provides: Are we a fit?)

To make assigning and watching these free videos even easier for you, we’ve listed them by job title.

Assign the following video training to your Sales Managers; General Managers and Internet Managers (and have them watch these in the order provided):

Assign the following video training to Floor & Internet Salespeople and BDC Agents (and have them watch the relevant videos in the order provided):

Assign this series to the Receptionist(s): 

Are you ready to test your team’s knowledge of the lessons provided on Follow any of the links below to retrieve the respective tests and quizzes; and be sure to Contact Steve if you need any of the Test Keys:

((Be Sure to Bookmark This Page! We’re adding videos, tests and quizzes all the time…))

Finally, we encourage all Owners, General Managers, Internet Managers and Sales Managers to read our 2015 Mystery Shop study: This is loaded with lots of best practices and free advice. (Oh, and yes, we do sell the industry’s only 30-day, full spectrum Mystery Shops; but this White Paper is 100% free and gives you all you need to conduct your own mystery shops – something else you don’t need to pay for.)

Good selling!


  1. JJ
    July 8, 2015 @ 4:31 pm

    Hi Steve, I’m writing to thank you for this training. It is really helping me out. I watch it as often as I can, then I watch it again and again. I am not where I need to be as far as sales goals and I need some advice. I follow your training and I study our word tracks and it is happening slowly so far. I just want to be successful before I have to bow out of the working world for good and although I’m only 26, my time is running out. Is there anything extra I can do to get better in the car business? Thank you for listening. I look forward to hearing from you. – JJ


    • Steve Stauning
      July 8, 2015 @ 4:35 pm

      JJ – Thank you for the kind words – I’m psyched to hear the training is helping you!

      The best advice I can give to anyone selling cars today is this:

      1. Assume the sale. The average UP that walks on the lot has done 19+ hours of research. They are here to BUY A CAR. The only thing you can do by turning into a typical sales rep is chase them away, so regardless of what they say, take them down your buyer’s path. In other words: STOP LISTENING TO THEM AND SELL A CAR. When they say they’re “just looking” (or anything else that indicates they are afraid of you), you need to be prepared with something like: “Outstanding, because I’m not here to sell you a thing; of course, because I work on commission, I would like to be there when you’re ready to buy. So when you are ready to buy, do you plan on trading in another vehicle?” The idea here is to take them down your path – NO MATTER WHAT. So, you need to write out and practice what you will say when they indicate A) They are NOT trading; B) They ARE trading; or C) They’re NOT SURE if they’re going to trade.
      (Obviously, there are many more iterations than I could write here, but you get the idea: STOP LISTENING AND START SELLING)

      2. Follow Up Religiously. For every UP that walks on the lot, you need to try to get their name, email and phone. Then, put all of that in the CRM and start calling them once a day for 5-7 days to get them back in for a VIP appointment. (If you’re average, you’ll close these appointments 2/3 of the time.)

      3. Get Some Orphan Owners. Go to your sales manager and tell him/her that you want a database with about 1,500-2,500 Orphaned Owners. A dealership that’s been around for even just 10 years should have thousands of these in the database. (Orphaned Owners are people who bought from your dealership, but their salesman quit; or they bought elsewhere and service with you.) Tell your sales manager that you will call this database on a regular basis (4-5 times every 6 months – following the process and talk tracks attached) and that you will set appointments and sell cars. (If they refuse to give you these based on your promises, you probably want to work somewhere else.)

      We try to add new videos to as often as possible, though these usually start as articles like this one:

      The same 3 Cs I write about in the link above can apply to any customer interaction (whether on the phone or in person).

      I’m hopeful this helps.

      Good selling!


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