Solve Dealership Turnover and Staffing Issues

Solve Dealership Turnover Issues Forever

It’s not money (NADA tells us that new car dealers pay about 24% more on average than the rest of the private sector) and it’s not training (think about how much you’ve wasted over the last decade on training and retraining your team). Despite that millions wasted every year on staffing firms, training companies and consultants, dealership turnover is worse today than it was ten years ago. Why is that? In this Undeniable Advantage webcast, Steve teaches you everything you need to know to build the proper FOUNDATION in your dealership so that turnover and staffing issues basically evaporate – leaving your managers time to help you profitably grow your business.

This is the full-length Undeniable Advantage video originally broadcast live. If you’d prefer to watch this as a Short & Sweet series, follow this link: Solve Dealership Turnover – The Video Series