How to Sell More Cars for More Money! Ridiculously Simple Car Selling

best car selling book

Ridiculously Simple Car Selling

Selling cars isn’t hard, it just takes work.

Top sellers understand this, while the bottom dwellers believe a mix of luck, inventory, and dealership marketing is all that’s holding them back; all while they stand around in the vaping circle lamenting how everything at the dealership sucks.

Ridiculously Simple Car Selling was written to help Green Peas get to and stay at the top of leaderboard, while also helping seasoned sellers break out of order-taker mode.

If you’re new to the car business or tired of muddling in the middle of the pack each month, this book was written for you!

The chapters are ridiculously short, and the lessons are ridiculously easy to understand and employ.

Think of this book as the Cliff Notes version of Steve’s Assumptive Selling plus so much more.

It sounds ridiculously simple, but this 140-page book includes the only training, techniques, processes, and word tracks most automotive sales professionals will ever need to start selling more vehicles for more money than they ever thought possible!

Buy it today on Amazon – available in paperback and for the Kindle.

best car selling book