Simple Strategies to Close More Internet Deals Today!

Simple Strategies to Close More Internet Deals Today!

It’s time for dealers to stop overthinking their Internet Sales with this series titled “Simple Strategies to Close More Internet Deals Today.”

The perception of internet sales for many dealers and managers is that it’s still a confusing area best left to those who are more “technologically proficient.” Moreover, industry vendors, other so-called “experts” and even some trainers continue to profit in keeping internet sales a befuddling mystery for the average dealer’s management team.

The truth is that internet sales are not just relatively easy to master; internet sales are so easy to master that they’re actually kind of boring.

In this series, Steve hopes to detail in plain language how you can stop overthinking much of what goes into making a sale to an internet prospect, and how to use these simple strategies to start setting more appointments that show and buy today. To read the transcripts of any video in this series, please visit the post dedicated to that lesson:

Simple Strategy #1: Pay for the Performance You Want

Simple Strategy #2: Manage Internet Teams & BDCs Like Call Centers

Simple Strategy #3: Stricter Rules Drive Higher Sales

Simple Strategy #4: Treat EVERY Lead Like it’s an Order

Simple Strategy #5: Yes, You Should Always Use an Auto Response

Simple Strategy #6: Email Templates can be Personal and Automated

Simple Strategy #7: The First Call Should Be the Call

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