Simple Strategy #4: Treat EVERY Lead Like it’s an Order


Simple Strategy #4: Treat EVERY Lead Like it’s an Order

TRANSCRIPT: Simple Strategy #4 for closing more internet deals today? Treat EVERY lead like it’s an order. Because it IS an order. The problem is that most dealers today respond to leads as if the lead is merely an attempt for more information.

This is passive communication that keeps the prospect in control.

Here’s the reality: the consumer selected your dealership and selected your vehicle from among the millions that are online today because they are ready to buy. It’s important to note that consumers spend more than 19 hours doing research online and they look at more than 20 different sources of information, all before they ever contact the dealership. So, when you get a lead for a vehicle, that lead is an order. They’ve done their own product selection. They’ve done their own needs analysis. They are ready to buy. They are only looking for a salesperson.

If you treat it like it’s a request for more information, you are just going to continue the back and forth between the prospect and you and you are going to teach them to keep asking you questions and they are never going to show up to buy a car.

So, what’s the solution? Well, you need immediate and persistent follow-up. That means as soon as the lead comes in you need to start following up and you need to continue to follow-up until we make a connection.

You need to create a sense of urgency and create a sense of excitement around the vehicle purchase and you have to stop asking so many questions. If you have to talk, you should be asking for the appointment.

All you need to do with an internet prospect is to guide them. Take them through the phone, drop them in the dealership and sell them a car. That’s all they are looking for. Tell them what the next steps are. Tell them about the appointments that you have available and get them to schedule an appointment that shows.