Simple Strategy #6: Email Templates can be Personal and Automated


Simple Strategy #6: Email Templates can be Personal and Automated

TRANSCRIPT: Simple strategy #6 for selling more internet deals today? It’s simple. Your email templates can be personal AND automated. See, here’s the problem, or, at least, the problem as your owner or general manager sometimes says it: they come back from a “twenty group” and they say that some consultant said, “Our emails don’t look personal enough.” I wrote that problem in ‘air quotes’ because it’s not really a problem. It’s not a problem. It’s okay if they don’t look personal.

But, let’s go ahead and look at the reality. The reality is no one is reading your emails anyway. Well, let’s say they are, okay? Then there’s the reality that there is nothing you can write tomorrow personally, that can’t be written today, made into a template, and then used for the next five years. See, you’ve got to stop over-thinking your emails.

Here’s the solution: just review your current automated templates (the one’s that go out on your automated process or whatever process you have – 60 days, 90 days, 120 days), whatever that process is. Review the templates that you are sending out today and then rewrite them. Rewrite them as if you are addressing a specific prospect with the goal of driving a re connection.

See, this is important. You need to understand that the only goal of your emails is to drive a phone call. That’s it. That’s the only goal. And, so, read those templates that you’ve got today, rewrite them as if you are addressing one person, let’s say Barbara Jones and that my goal is to get Barbara on the phone, and then make that a template. Put in your merge codes, whatever you have to do, and add that to your automated process.

That’s it. It’s not complicated.