Simple Strategy #7: The First Call Should Be the Call


Simple Strategy #7: The First Call Should Be the Call

TRANSCRIPT: Simple strategy #7 for closing more internet deals today? It’s simple. The first call should be THE call.

Here’s the problem: our teams expect to make more than one call to schedule an appointment that shows. It’s because, as we learned in Simple Strategy #4, they are treating leads as a request for more information. They are not. Leads are orders. Phone calls are orders. When I have someone on the phone, I have one goal and it’s an appointment that shows.

So, the reality is: not only is the lead an order; but when you fail to set the appointment on the very first call, you often get no other chance to talk to that prospect. We need to treat that first call like it is the only call that we will make.

So, what’s the solution? Remember – there is only one goal of the call, and that’s to get an appointment that shows. There is no other goal when I have someone on the phone. In order to do that, I have to control the call. I have to keep bringing them back to MY goal. Every time they take me down the rabbit hole, I have to bring them back to my goal and say, “Yes, and I have two test drives open on that Camry this afternoon. I have a 2:15 and a 2:45. Which one works better for you?”

I need to be prepared to repeatedly ask for the appointment even if it takes ten times, eleven times, twenty times. It doesn’t matter. I cannot leave that call unless I have an appointment that shows or I have a firm “No”, that they don’t want to set an appointment with me. It really is that simple.