Is Steve a Fit for You & Your Team?

Are you and your managers committed to driving real improvement in your results? Are you committed to learning how to deliver an exceptional customer experience that earns you higher sales and better grosses? If so, then Steve just might be a fit for your team.


Is Steve a Fit for Us?

Selling cars isn’t hard… it just takes work. Unlike the typical industry consultant/trainer, Steve is not going to promise you a magic bean to solve your sales woes – they don’t exist. He’s also not going do any of the heavy lifting required to drive your results – he can’t… no consultant or trainer can. Your managers must be all-in on his training, his direction and his advice. If they’re willing to step up and lead, you’ll enjoy sales, share and profit growth unlike you’ve seen before. If they treat his training like some “box-checking exercise,” then you’ll continue to tread water. It’s up to you.

What Steve can do for you…

From creating an appointment culture in your dealership to complete BDC training/setup to floor sales to digital marketing to dominating the phones, Steve Stauning will provide your team all the training, tools, scripts and best practices they need to maximize every opportunity every time.

Dominate The Phones!

Steve will teach your team how to truly dominate on the phones! Throw away your outdated phone scripts and start pulling your prospects through the phone and into your dealership!

Close More Deals!

By following Steve’s training, your team will quickly learn to set and sell more appointments, and your salespeople will achieve unheard of demo drive & write-up percentages!

Uncomplicate Digital!

There’s no nice way to put this: Steve is here to help you stop the waste, fraud and outright theft perpetrated on dealers by some digital marketing vendors every single day!

Just Some of Steve’s Services

Not every dealership, group, OEM or vendor has the same needs as their peers. That’s why Steve doesn’t approach training and consulting in the same cookie-cutter fashion as the rest of the industry. Everything Steve delivers your team is fully-customizable based on your needs. 

Phone Training

Dump the outdated scripts and call guides – the prospects today are different. Steve will teach your team how to legitimately close 3-4X more phone ups!

Dealer 20 Groups

Invite Steve to speak at your next meeting. Steve delivers no-nonsense, straightforward, actionable advice you can use the minute you return to your dealership.

Appointment Culture

Want to set more real appointments that show and buy? That’s why Steve created “The Perfect Appointment;” let him teach your team how to develop an appointment culture in your store.

Digital Marketing

The average dealer is throwing away over $6,000 each month on waste and fraud in their digital marketing. Steve will teach your team how to easily spot and stop this every time.

BDC Training

From phone and process training to full BDC setup, Steve is considered the industry expert when it comes to what it takes to create and maintain a successful automotive BDC.

Sales Training

The old-school road-to-the-sale isn’t being followed by your team anyway. Learn Steve’s methods and enjoy 90% demo drive rates and double your write-ups immediately.

OEM Training

From coast-to-coast, Steve has prepared and delivered fully-customized, OEM-sponsored training to thousands of salespeople and their managers. Let him do the same for you!

Vendor Consulting

From one-hour phone consultations to major projects and product roll-outs, Steve is available to help honest industry vendors with effective solutions gain more traction in automotive.

Contact Steve

From in-dealership training to large consulting projects to keynote speaking engagements, Steve is available to help your team drive real results. Call him at 888-318-6598 or via email at Steve (at)

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