How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 10)


How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 10)

TRANSCRIPT: Motor Widgets is a website add on. Okay. Chat is a website add on, and I call-website add ons parasites. Now I mean that in good way, all right. I call them parasites I think since 2006, a parasite is anything added to your website is a parasite. Anything that’s not provided by your website provider is a parasite, so chat is a parasite, motor widgets is a parasite.

The thing to remember about parasites on websites is most of them are good. Most parasites are good. Some are not but most of them are good. Now, when we talked about the 61% remember it was messaging, it was reputation and it was pricing. The Motor Widgets piece is around messaging. We’re going to get to pricing and conversion later.

But I want to talk quickly about parasites. There’s some rules for parasites out there, and there are working parasites and you need to understand that most parasites are really good and those are the parasites that follow these rules. The parasites should primarily have a lead acquisition focus, now for motor widgets it’s a combination of transaction transparency and lead acquisitions, but they do have primarily lead acquisitions focus.

Parasites should also deliver a cost per sale and a closing ratio that’s at or near your own website. It’s no good to add a parasite to your site that has a cost per sale higher than what you’re already getting from your website. And their cannibalization rate should be very low, and how do you find cannibalization rate? You measure.

Now the top working parasites that are out there today that you should consider adding to your site and widgets and chats that we’ve already discussed. You should also have a good trade appraisal application that’s a great parasite, that’s out today lots of providers of that.

You need to have interactive credit applications those are terrific working parasites. You should have automated specials. You should have special sliders, you should have pop-ups and you should have pop unders for your website. Those are the parasites that are working today. Now, let’s talk about trade appraisal real. Let’s talk about some keys to growing to your sales with your trade appraisal, because trade appraisal forms don’t always do the best job today. There are some out there that I actually don’t recommend.

You need to make that your trade appraisal works in mobile that’s a key. You also need to make sure it highlights the unbiased third party aspects of the process. Now you want to make you give the consumer multiple opportunities to complete a trade form on your website. Especially in the navigation dropdowns where 95% of your home page clicks occur. And you want to make sure you have trade appraisal forms on your vehicle detail pages.

Now once you get a conversion, once someone has submitted a lead on a trade appraisal, all right, you need to focus your conversions, or your conversation rather, and all of your templates on the trade. So somebody fills out a trade appraisal form and then you get the lead. If you call them about their vehicle of interest versus their trade, you’re going to lose them. So all of your focus should be around their trade and you need to be prepared for the typical trade objection.

Most people who fill a trade appraisal form on your site don’t like the number that they get, and so their reaction to you back when you call them is, “Oh I’m not in the market for a car. I don’t want to trade my vehicle. I was just seeing what it’s worth.” They’re lying. They were on your website and they completed a trade appraisal form, it’s not that they were looking to see what their car is worth because they can see what their car is worth simply by going to lots of other sites not a dealer site.

Now the key to growing conversions with interactive credit apps are your credit application must appear simple. Meaning that if you’re trying to capture a lot of information if it’s a real credit application don’t show me the giant long form because the only people who are going to fill that out are the people are the people who are 510 and below FICA score, right.

Credit estimators are better if you’re trying to capture a lead versus doing a solitary qualify, even though the credit estimators do a good job of prequalifies as well, now if you have to use a multi-step form for your interactive credit application meaning they fill it out a little bit information they move to the next screen and the next screen, you should make sure that your form captures information at each step because the abandon rates for those multi-step credit application forms can be as much as 20% per step.

So if the first step is my name, my email, my phone number and then I click to the next step and I abandon it. You need to make sure you capture that information and that it’s transmitted into your CRM as a lead. If you’re using video for your interactive credit apps the video should play on a click only view. You don’t want automated video playing because a lot of people are doing their car shopping at work and suddenly through their speakers on their computer comes your video. “Hey welcome to our quick app.”-right?

Now, our studies have shown that video versus non video has no impact on the number of applications started unlike whether using a long form or a short form. If you show me a long form it has a huge impact. I have fewer applications started than if you show me a short form first.

Now interactive credit apps can increase completed apps you know when there’s a short form and they interact with consumer 1% to 200% more and can raise your average FICA score by 50 points. Now the key to growing special… The key to growing rather conversions with your specials and your sliders is you have to have them and you want to have them in mobile. That’s rule number one for specials.

Have specials they need to feel special. They need to be discoverable. People need to be able to find them. Rule number two, these specials pages have to convert. We’re going to talk more about specials later. The key to growing conversions with pop ups and pop unders and other parasites is that your pop ups need to work.

That is they shouldn’t be blocked 99% of the time and they should always work in mobile. There must be a WIIFM, ‘what’s in it for me’. If you’re going to pop something up to the consumer and you want to generate a lead give them a WIIFM: $250 off, $500 off, lock-in internet pricing. You want to make sure that you combine your pop up with a pop under or a tab under.

I’ll show you a tab under in just a second. Because about 75% of your leads from that combination actually come from the pop up but another 25% come from the pop under or the tab under. Now good pop ups can raise your conversion rate on your website 35 to 100%. And a good pop up will co-exist with other pops. You know the chat drop in’s the visa card all that stuff they won’t get in the way of each other. And so that’s a good one. Now, remember your websites purpose okay attract and convert.

So your website’s purpose is to drive leads so get over the fact that it’s a pop up or that it’s annoying because it’s only annoying to you. See you’re at your site every day, remember most conversions come from first time visitors.