How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 9)


How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 9)

TRANSCRIPT: Now there’s a company out there called Motor Widgets. I don’t know if you’ve seen their little cool widget that’s at the bottom of your, it’s a little scroll, at the bottom of a lot dealer sites out there today. They’re fairly new, they’re evolving all the time. I love motor widgets.

I’m going to show you their widgets real quick because they are the epitome of transactional transparency, at showing the consumer just enough that the consumer wants to drop everything and come in and buy a car. We’re going to take three minutes and 10 seconds and show you this quick Motor Widgets video that I put together and then we will be right back to talk more about motor widgets.

Okay, so let’s just take a few minutes just to talk about Motor Widgets and especially why I really like Motor Widgets. Now Motor Widgets is a website add-on like I said and one the great things about this website add-on is this not just 100% focused on driving leads. Now that’s a good thing believe it or not because we’re going to get leads, we’re going to get leads but not every customer out there is going to give us a lead.

One of the greatest things about motor widgets is that it hits both the 39% of people who are willing to give us a lead. I can click on current vehicle pricing, I’ll get the motor widget that says, “Hey tell us what you want and we’ll send you current prices.” You can get a price quote right now, so that’s a lead driving widget.

But there’s also trust driving widgets with motor widgets because they provide what I call transactional transparency. This is something that 61% of the people who buy cars are truly looking for. There the ones who don’t connect with you before they buy a car. The first time that they meet you is when they walk on your lot, and those are the checklists, those are the checklists that motor widgets provide, and so you can use the motor widgets to checklist widgets to either drive a lead or you can use them to just provide information.

In this demo we’re only using the checklist widgets to drive leads. Let us send you a checklist and help you select the right vehicle for you and your family. We’ll also send you a trade-in coupon for $500. This is everything that the customer needs to know about test driving a car. We’re going to send them a checklist for all of the things that they need to bring with them. Everything that they need to know about scheduling a test drive at our dealership. And these are 100% customizable.

Now, I could have used this just as a trust building widget that’s what great about this. Its 100% customizable. I could have just provided them with a checklist that they could then print and bring into the dealership. And so what you want to do when you set up your account with Motor Widgets and your taking advantage of the free trial is that you want to play around with the widgets.

You want to have some that are trust building widgets and you want to have some that are lead generating widgets. And you want to have a combination of both. Now they even have some obscure trust building widgets like this dealer buzzwords widget you don’t have to use it, but it’s a pretty cool little widget to use because it’ll provide definitions to your customers for things like MSRP and invoice and hold back, what TT&L means. And again it’s not something you have to use. You can use it if you want or not.

You can have announcement widgets, breaking news widgets. You can even use the scroll at the bottom to point to any page on your website anything that’s important to you, you could put down at the bottom of that scroll. For example, if your using a trade tool like trade pending or some other tool like black book whatever, you can have this widget point to that page on your website. You can have that ticker symbol estimate your trade in point right to that page on your website.

You can use their checklist widgets you can use a combination of their marketing widgets, their value widgets. You can use them all and again they’re fully customizable so you can pick and choose and then test over time and find the widgets that work best for you.

Alright so motor widgets. Listen I love motor widgets, here’s the offer that we negotiated for you and by the way,

“Steve why do you tell us about offers?” Because we do free training. You know for some of you know that we’ve been doing free training for years and years and it’s all online. This is 100% free training for you and these are products that I found drive actual results for dealers.

What we negotiated for you, the deal we have for you is that you can get motor widgets for 60 days at a no cost trial with no set up fees, and no long term contracts. That means there’s no obligation, you just sign up. You get motor widgets for 60 days. If you don’t like it you get rid of it you pay zero. Okay. With that 60 day trial it will cost you get all of their widgets. You get the marketing widgets, the value widgets, the checklist widgets.

When they contact you for your 60 day trial…use my website. You go to click on recommended, go to website widgets. When you fill that out and their team contacts you and you start your 60 day trial, they’re going to work with you to customize all of your widgets.