How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 13)


How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 13)

TRANSCRIPT:  But I want to talk to you about instant retargeting.

How about it if you had something where you could instantly retarget the prospect as soon as they left your page. As soon as they left your site, they leave your site maybe they go to,, your competitor and then right away there’s a message waiting for them that is instant retargeting. That’s from a company called ScreenCrafters.

We’re going to watch a quick demo that I did for ScreenCrafters. Two minutes and three seconds. Let’s watch this demo it’s going to be worth your while.

Hey we’re just going to do a very quick demo of the ScreenCrafters instant retargeting product. Now with ScreenCrafters you’re going to get this instant retargeting product, plus you’re going to get the desktop pop up and the mobile pop up. We’ll talk about all three of them in just a minute, and the value that they have to you but I want to how you how it works.

I’m on the demo site. I grabbed the Motor Widgets demo site, pulled it in for a ScreenCrafters demo. Right here you see I have only one tab open in Google Chrome. I’m going to be a like a traditional website visitor. I’m going to go look- let’s say I want to look at used vehicles. I’ve searched all used. Now, this is just a demo site that I’m on so there are no vehicles to look at but this are the used vehicles right here that I would be looking at.

Let’s say once I’m done with that site I go to your competitor’s site, after I’m done looking at your used cars or maybe I go to or Autotrader, whatever. When I’m all done browsing, wouldn’t it be great to be able to retarget that consumer. Retarget me instantly before I leave my computer. I’ve just left your site. I’ve gone to some competitors’ sites. You’re going to be the last man standing if you’re using the ScreenCrafters instant retargeting.

What we did is we took over the original tab and in that original tab we put this what’s your car worth. Now let’s go ahead and look at it again. So here we are again at the demo site and we’ve just got the one tab open. I want to show you again so this time I’m going to…let’s say I’m a service customer. I want to set a service appointment. Again, it’s just a demo site so there is no areas to set your service appointments here, but look at this we’re blinking.

In the original tab we’re blinking the page title and the favicons and it says what’s your car worth and it’s alternating between in this case a car and a dollar sign. The consumer gets curious, they click over, there you are you’re the last man standing. You’re doing the instant retargeting. You’re instantly retargeting that after they left your site and in this case we’re offering to buy their car whether they buy anything from us or not. This is a great lead generator for dealers and we’ll talk about it more in just a moment.

Let’s talk about ScreenCrafters for a second, and I want you to understand. ScreenCrafters like your website, like chat, like Motor Widgets, like any add on or any website itself is a traffic dependent product. If you have no traffic you’re not going to get any leads. Now for the average dealer with about 4500 valid uniques, and I say valid, again this is not a Google analytics class but I know dealers out there getting you know 30,000 uniques a month and 25,000 aren’t valid.

But for the average dealer with about 4500 valid uniques a month divided 50/50 between their mobile and their desktops sites using all three parts of ScreenCrafters, the instant retargeting that we just saw using the front, pop that they have, the front pop up on their desk top site and the mobile pop up, the average dealer sees about 40 to 50 incremental leads a month.

That means non duplicated valid leads that they were not otherwise getting. From those they sell about eight to ten units a month, because the ScreenCrafters product just like Motor Widgets, just like, you know, your website leads close at about 20%. That gives dealers an average cost per saleable of a low $40. And so that’s why I recommend this product. I’ve been affiliated with ScreenCrafters, been partnered with them for a very long time.

Now here’s the deal we negotiated for you on ScreenCrafters. We negotiated a sixty day no cost trial with no set up fees, no contracts. Cancel any time so again just like with Motor Widgets try ScreenCrafters. If you don’t like it, get rid of it you pay nothing. Now you getting instant retargeting, you get mobile pop, you get desk top pop. But you’ve got put away your ego and take all three or you’re going to be leaving leads on the table.

Now, go to, use the recommended tab at the top and recommended menu item. Hold it down look for instant retargeting, click on that. That’ll take you to a page where you complete a form, the team at ScreenCrafters will get with you and put the product together for you to fit your needs.