Real Social Selling for Car Dealers (and others) – PART 10


Real Social Selling for Car Dealers (and others) – PART 10

TRANSCRIPT:  Now, the first question that some of you might have is, “Steve, wait a minute. Should it be my personal profile page or a business page?” I created a business page for myself and I’m going to tell you this. The personal profile page does have a 5,000 friend limit and after that, people must follow you but that’s where I would be, initially,

Make sure that if you have a personal profile page that you’re using for your business as well and you’re going to social sell through that, you make all of your posts, public because if there’s any post that you would have put on there that you wouldn’t want everybody to see, realize you’re going to accept friend requests from people who are just sending you referrals and their friends. You’re going to end up with a network bigger than people who you’ve ever met and so even if you make a post for friends only, they’re going to see that.

Make sure you make all of your posts public and that you follow that rule, never get unfollowed. If you create a Facebook page, you’re going to get less free … There’s less free interaction with the Facebook page. That’s the problem. Once you become a big enough social seller, you can create a Facebook page now but you’ll want to start moving people to your Facebook page to interact there but not until you’ve really become successful with social selling would I move to that.

Now, if you’re going to be running Facebook contests, understand they are not allowed on personal pages or your personal profile. You have to have a business page to do that. Now, what do you post on Facebook? Tell a story of course. Use Facebook Live like Joey Book is doing right here to build your audience. Have constant calls to action. This means you want to tell them what you want them to do. Share, like, comment, call me, download the app, et cetera. Send me referrals. Those are calls to action.

You might be thinking about, “Wait a minute, Steve. The one with the three of them in the picture with Chevy Lewis in there, with Freddie and Joey, isn’t that Instagram?” Yeah, it is. It is Instagram. Instagram is not for social selling but if you want to post a photo on multiple platforms, start with Instagram. Then you can have that post populate to Facebook, and Twitter, and Tumblr, and Flickr and swarm automatically but your goal is Facebook content. When you do post that on Instagram, everything that you put in the comments are meant for Facebook.

Now, the reason is that Facebook allows for real interaction and your post could become truly viral. “Steve, I want to do some Facebook Live but what do I post? Ask yourself, what would be interesting to your friends? What sort of post would be interesting to your friends? What would they want to see? If you got the bat mobile in trade, they want to see it. Now, you’re going to want to get one of these. They’re a selfie stick. You probably see tourists using these a lot. You need these for Facebook Live because your video will look a whole lot better. Your arm won’t be in the picture and you can have content behind you or whatever you’re going to talk about if you want to use a selfie stick.

Now, some of you don’t know how to use a selfie stick. You just attach your mobile phone to your selfie stick and you’re all set. You get your mobile phone, you get it attached to your selfie stick and then you can take lot of Facebook Live videos. What are you going to post on Facebook Live? If you’re in RV or real estate, think about this, I can tell you what I would like to see from you if you were my friend and you worked in RVs or you work in … You’re a realtor and that is I would want to see Facebook Live videos of you going through a really cool house that you just listed or one that maybe you just took a client through or an RV that you just got in trade or a brand new RV that’s maybe a million dollars on your lot.

People want to see that. Even if they can’t afford to buy it, people will watch that and then during that Facebook Live post, you start to tell them who you are. You start to address all the concerns that they might have with your business. They’re looking for an expert, you’re the expert. They’re looking for a friend in the business, you’re the friend in the business. See, that’s what you do while you’re telling that story in Facebook Live.

Do you have a big sales event coming up? Did you take in some cool trades or do you have some new toys like Freddie on his segue there or when Joey and Freddie got their drone and Joey got his hand cut. These are great Facebook Live posts. They got a lot of interaction, got people talking because they were real stories and they were interesting to Freddie’s friends and to Joey’s friends. That’s the idea.

People want a friend in the business. Remember Dan Cumming Chevrolet on Facebook Live, post their Saturday meetings. I can still remember the first Saturday morning meeting I ever had at a car dealership. Our sales manager dropped so many F bombs and threw so much crap at us. We could have never videotaped that. He’d be in jail.

People will begin to trust you. They’ll think you’re authentic because you are authentic. They’ll think you’re genuine because you are genuine.