Overcoming Objections on the Phone: What’s My Trade-In Worth?


Overcoming Objections on the Phone: What’s My Trade-In Worth?

TRANSCRIPT: This is the sort of question that we get that is really an objection, right? They want to get all the information from us so they can eliminate us. We’ve got them on the phone. We’ve talked about the vehicle that they want to buy, right? We’ve said, ‘Hey, we’ve got two test drives on that Camry this afternoon”, but, see, they’ve got a used Corolla to trade in and now they’re going to try to squeeze more information from us, right? So, they say, “Well, I’m not coming in til you tell me how much you’re gonna give me for my Corolla”.

Can we give them a number?


Why can’t we give them a number on their vehicle? Because it’s sight unseen. There’s only two things that we can do to them right now. We can either lie to them or we can low-ball them because only a trained appraiser knows what their Corolla is worth.

Now, that’s how we’re going to overcome that question, that objection: “How much are you going to give me for my trade?” And, we’re going to use AIM here, right? We’re going to Acknowledge, we’re going to Ignore and we’re going to Move on. We’re going to Acknowledge: “Hey, Mr. Jones, I can appreciate that it would be great to know what your Corolla is worth before you come into our dealership, however, only a trained appraiser knows what your vehicle is worth and it would be irresponsible for anyone to give you that information over the phone. Now, I do have two appointments open with my appraiser this afternoon; I have a 12:15 and a 12:45. Which one of those works better for you?”