Overcoming Objections on the Phone: I Can’t Afford It


Overcoming Objections on the Phone: I Can’t Afford It

TRANSCRIPT: I have an objection for you that you usually hear on the lot but you will occasionally hear it on the phone, especially when you are talking about a new vehicle. So, let’s say we have the customer on the phone and we are looking at a new Camry with them over the phone and they say, “I can’t afford a new Camry”, or “hey, that’s outside of my budget”.

What are we going to do? Are we going to continue to lower the price or try to get them to look at something else?


Our goal is to get an appointment that shows. We cannot sell an empty seat. We’ve got to get them into the dealership. So, when someone tells us, “that’s outside of my budget” or “I can’t afford a new car”, we need to answer with something like, “Well, you’d be surprised, Mr. Jones, at how hard my manager is willing to work to make a car deal. Now, with today’s incentives and with the right loan terms, I’m certain that we can find the perfect vehicle for you that will fit into your budget. Now, I’ve got two appointments open with my manager this afternoon: I’ve got a 12:15 and a 1:45. Which one of those works better for you?”

See, we overcame the objection and then we tried to set the appointment. That’s what we need to do with every objection, every question, every time we are on the phone with every customer.