The Appointment Culture Light – PART 8

The Appointment Culture Light – PART 8

TRANSCRIPT: The fourth step for the ‘appointment culture light’ is to report daily. So, if the owner is onsite, then the owner should insist on receiving an update each morning. If they are not onsite, the GM should insist on this. What they want in this report is the following information from both yesterday AND month to date. They want to know the calls per person. They want to know the leads per person, right?

When I say calls per person, I’m talking about the outbound calls that each of our salespeople made and each of our appointment coordinators made. I want to know the leads per person, the inbound leads per person everyone received.

I also want to know the appointments per person. I want to know how many they set, how many of those showed, how many of those were sold and I want to see the percentages of all of those. That’s a very simple report that we need to see every day. We want to see it for yesterday and for month to date – calls per person, leads per person appointments per person. In the appointments, we want to see ‘set’, ‘shown’, ‘sold’ and the percentages of each.

This daily report should not be complicated, right? Of course, it should also not be the result of ‘self-reporting’. Some of the data, such as appointments shown and sold should be the result of manual reporting done at the sales desk. Calls and appointments set can be taken directly from the CRM.

So, let’s recap the ‘appointment culture light’. The first thing we need to do is discover and overcome your biases to success. If you have a success bias, a clock bias or a satisfaction bias, we need to find what they are and overcome those.

Then we’re going to put the four steps into place, right? We’re going to assign one manager. Someone with power who buys in. We’re going to make those cosmetic changes, right? The folder, the signs, the changing titles to ‘appointment coordinator’ because those small steps have huge returns for the dealers who put them in place. We’re going to align the internet effort, right? We’re going to make sure we go after that low hanging fruit and align the internet efforts with our owner marketing efforts. Finally, we’re going to report daily because those daily reports are what is going to make sure we stay on track.

Remember, changing a culture is like training a puppy. We simply cannot do it unless we do it each and every day and reinforce it.