The Appointment Culture Light – PART 6

The Appointment Culture Light – PART 6

TRANSCRIPT: There are four steps to the ‘appointment culture light’ that we’re going to talk about.

The first one is we need to assign one manager to oversee this in the dealership. It doesn’t mean that the other managers aren’t involved but one manager needs to drive this. They have to be someone with power and someone who buys in.

The second step to the ‘appointment culture light’ is making cosmetic changes. These are small steps that we are going to talk about that deliver a huge return. Just little cosmetic changes that have an amazing effect on the dealership.

Thirdly, we have to align our internet efforts. Usually, in your dealership, internet is your low-hanging fruit. If we can align those efforts with best practices, we’re ’going to be able to grow our appointment culture more quickly.

The fourth step to the ‘appointment culture light’ is we want to see daily reports. Remember, we’re training a puppy here.

So, let’s talk about the first step: assigning a manager. This has to be someone other than the GM or GSM because they cannot manage the day to day of ‘the appointment culture light’. Now, I want you to change his or her title to ‘VIP Sales Manager’. I want them CALLED ‘VIP Sales Manager’. Make the $25 investment and get them a new box of business cards that says ‘VIP Sales Manager’. Now, whichever manager is assigned to be the VIP Sales Manager, he or she must oversee overall appointment efforts of the entire store; not just internet, not just floor, but everything.

Now, your manager is going to print the appointment folder cover, right? We’ll show you that in a second in the cosmetic changes. Before the scheduled arrival time, he’s going to ensure that the vehicle is cleaned, gassed and parked in the ‘sold vehicles only’ area. He’s going to ensure that the VIP folder and the keys are placed at the sales desk. When the customer arrives, he’s going to meet them, greet them and ensure that they are treated like a VIP.

Finally, he’s going to ensure that a fair pencil is presented to all VIP appointments.