SEO & Google My Business: How to Spot & Stop SEO & SEM Waste & Fraud (PART 7)

SEO & Google My Business: How to Spot & Stop SEO & SEM Waste & Fraud (PART 7)

TRANSCRIPT: All right, so here’s the other part of this. The Google My Business results, see these must be easy to track and verify. See, remember for dealers all search is local and not getting the business card or not being in what we call, the local pack, what Google calls the local pack, that’s another map type result in the search engine results page. It’s like the Google My Business, but there’s more than one result. If you don’t know where you rank, if you’re not getting the business card or the local pack for important keywords, that’s costly. See, with this tool that I’m gonna show you, I can not only see who gets the Google My Business result for my keywords, but I can also click to see the exact search engine results page from that day.

I can look back. Let’s say that this was four weeks ago with the tool, and I see that on this particular keyword, I got the Google My Business results. We covered up the names of the dealer on this. I can click over, and I can see exactly what the search engine results page looked like for that day. That’s important to understand. It’s not just that snapshot at the end of the month. Oh look, you were an average of two for this keyword. No. This is what you looked like on January 25th 2018 against all of your competitors. Here’s what they looked like. Here’s what the SERP looked like for that keyword search in the market.

Now the tool is called, Search Station. Listen, I’m just telling you about it. All right. It allows you to hold your SEO vendor accountable using accurate, local, independent, third party reporting. It focuses you on the keywords in the SEO activity that drives better performance with those keywords. It takes the measurements physically in your market. Understand that. It’s not just approximating based on a zip code, but it’s actually a box that rests in your market and takes the measurements for you.

Now, I’m not spending a lot of time on this. You can reach out to them for more information. You can talk to the folks at Search Station, but here’s what they do, Search Station puts a box in your market. You choose where. It makes regular, anonymous searches at Google putting keywords that matter to your sales, or your service. You tell them the keywords you want. Now, they’ll give you a set of keywords to start off with, whatever, but you can change those over time. You can measure in your PMA or you can have the box moved to a neighboring PMA. It’s your decision.

Search Station is going to show you exactly what your local prospects what they see on desktop or mobile. It’s the only way I know to keep your SEO provider, whether they’re in house or out sourced, focused on your actual search visibility. How do I look for the keywords that are important to me? See, you don’t need an SEO expert on your team. You just need the right accountability, the right tool, and the right reports. It’s very simple.