Real Social Selling for Car Dealers (and others) – PART 7


Real Social Selling for Car Dealers (and others) – PART 7

TRANSCRIPT:  How do I become a social selling warrior? First, let’s get ready to work. Second, let’s understand that your activities, your social selling activities will have what’s called a cumulative effect overtime. We’ll call this the cumulative impact of sales activities. Now, this cumulative impact of sales activities, this means that getting a single referral each month from X percent of your sold database, let’s say 10%.

As your database rose right as your sales grow overtime, so do the referrals. Now, 90% of the sales people, out there will follow the blue line their entire career. They’ll be up, they’ll be down. They’ll be up, they’ll be down. They’ll be up, they’ll be down. That’s it. They’ll be up their whole career. 9% are going to try something new, but because it takes time to grow this, they’re going to give up.

They’re going to give up because social selling is not going to triple your sales overnight and they’re going to fall back to blue and that’s where they’re going to live. It’s 1% of the people out there, folks. 1% of you are going to be great social sellers because you understand if I can get 10% of my data, my sold database, every month to give me a referral, pretty soon my sold database is a thousand people. I can get a hundred referrals a month and I’ve hired two assistants to help me close deals.

That’s what will happen. See, social selling requires a foundation. Driving yourself to complete sales activities is what takes you from eight cars a month to say 30 cars a month. Social selling today, by the way is really similar to social selling in 1987 or 1957. See back then, we called it networking. The key was and is to create a foundation and it could continue to grow. Let’s talk about some social selling warriors out there.

Social selling was not their goal. These people, they’re performers. They really are. They’re the consummate networkers both online and offline. They are the content generators. They’re creating a lot of content but they understand less is more. They are marketers and they are self-promoters even if they don’t want to be self-promoters, they understand they have to be self-promoters in order to be a social selling warrior.

They could be individuals like Demarre Myles in the middle or they can be small teams like the Lewis Group or Ling Valentine and her team at Ling’s Cars. These are just three examples. The Lewis Automotive Group in the top left, their social sellers and managers, people like Freddie Byerly, and Shelby Lewis, and Joey Book and Mike Murray, these folks really understand social selling. They are all the things I talked about and they didn’t start on getting the spotlight and they become that.

Antioch Nissan’s Demarre Myles. He’s really starting to get there. He’s not getting all the views that he needs to on the Antioch Nissan YouTube channel but look him up. Look up Antioch Nissan, watch his rap and then let’s see if he can take that to Facebook and become a true social seller and start creating more content and then Ling Valentine from, you absolutely have to go there. All these folks here are social sellers because they’re actively generating content.

They’re generating content that’s getting them noticed. Now, Ling Valentine. Let’s talk about her for a second. She really is her own case study in social selling. Now, while she’s wacky and zesty, she’s also authentic and transparent and it’s wacky and zesty that gets you noticed but it’s authenticity and transparency that are what sell.

Now, when you check out her website, you’ll see lots of crazy things on there, then you’ll also see if she’s working at that moment, you’ll see it live in the top left of her website. You’ll see her in a live webcam working. Now, you might say to yourself, “Steve, wait. Ling is not social selling. She just has a wacky website. No, you’re wrong.” The platform is irrelevant. All we care about is does it have the ability to create interaction which they absolutely have on their website and does it have the ability to go viral and her website is viral. That’s how I found it.

She is social selling. She is selling herself. She is performing. She is generating content. She is marketing and she is self-promoting. She is doing all the things that we said great social sellers do and more than that, she is telling a story.