Real Social Selling for Car Dealers (and others) – PART 5


Real Social Selling for Car Dealers (and others) – PART 5

TRANSCRIPT: Now, let’s dive right in section two, social selling for sales people. It’s why we’re here today. Remember, if you have questions for me, send them right on our Facebook page or put them into Twitter with a #UDAdvantage. Now, I want to be very, very clear. Social selling is not for everyone. It’s not a way to avoid working. That’s what some people think but we’ve got …  I’ve seen some people attempt social selling who happen to be the laziest person at the dealership and it doesn’t make him a bad person but they try to take that same laziness approach to social selling and it doesn’t work.

It’s not a way to avoid working. Social selling requires work. The top social sellers I know are the busiest people in the dealership. Social selling requires work but the rewards are great and the best part about social selling is it’s fun. It really is. Now there are some common denominators of great sales people and great social sellers and I just wanted to take you through those. One is activity. It doesn’t matter if they’re social sellers or they’re traditional sales people, they generate a lot of activity. They’re always doing something. They’re always working. They’re always working towards their goal. They’re always generating content or doing something, picking up the phone.

Great sales people, 30 car sales people who don’t social sell are always working the same thing with 30 car social sellers. The other thing about all successful sales people including social sellers is that they are steady because they follow a process. What I mean by that is the first week of the month is about the same as the last week of the month to them, the only thing that changes is maybe the leadership drove more traffic that last week of the month so they a little bit of a bump or maybe they are trying to hit some number but the bottom line is they don’t start out the first two weeks of the month going, “Oh my god. What am I going to do?” They work a process all the time and their business is very steady.

Number three is they’re never desperate. They know that by following their process and sticking to their processes, they will reap rewards. They know that for every 10 irons in the fire, they’re going to sell one. They just keep lots of irons in the fire. All top sales people I’ve ever met including top social sellers is they have a drive. They have a personal drive to be the best and they are dissatisfied.

They are constantly dissatisfied. They didn’t come off of a 30-car April patting themselves on the back for two weeks. They came off a 30-car April and said, “You know what, I got to do 33. I got 33 in May.” They started right away. They’re dissatisfied with their performance because they know they can get better. They know they can work harder.

Number five is they work for no one. They work for no one but themselves and that’s good actually. That’s good for you dealers who are saying, “Wait a minute, Steve. I want them to work for me.” No, you don’t. You want them to work for yourself because they’re all selfish. They really are. Top sales people are selfish but here’s the thing to understand about selfishness in sales? When you’re selfish, great things happen. See, when you’re selfish, you sell more cars, more houses, more furniture, more RVs. Whatever is you sell, you sell more of them when you’re selfish.

When you’re selfish, you make more money but when you’re selfish, people around you get promoted. Top sellers maybe they don’t to be the manager and if they do, they’re the ones who get promoted. Here’s where it’s good for you Mr. Dealer. When your sales people are selfish, you make more money. Your company makes more money. When you’re selfish, the customer gets a great experience because when you’re selfish, the customer gets to buy your brand from you.

Being selfish in sales is not a bad thing and by the way, top sales people and top social sellers they know that sales is a numbers game. They know that doing something outsells doing nothing and they know that process, even a bad process outsells the opposite meaning no process. They’re willing to work those processes that are repeatable and they’re willing to do it month in and month out.

Now, these are great to know when social selling but we must add one thing when we talk about social selling and that is it’s different from top sales people that don’t do social selling. In social selling sometimes less is more.