Real Social Selling for Car Dealers (and others) – PART 3


Real Social Selling for Car Dealers (and others) – PART 3

TRANSCRIPT:  Now, social media marketing, “Steve, wait. How do I do that?” Let’s talk. First, get a good partner. In automotive, it would be someone like Dealers United. Someone who understands social media marketing and someone who won’t try to sell you on social media management. You want to add chat bots to your social posts.

“Now, Steve. Chat bots, what are these?”” Chat bots are actually a must for both business and sales people today who want to market themselves on social media. See, chat bots are a cornerstone of social selling. Now, great chat bots will help you manage the inflow of customer inquiries, will also helping you gather leads helping you set appointments. That’s what chat bots do. “Now, Steve. I haven’t heard of chat bots. What do they do? How do they work?” Chat bots are like an answering service for apps like Facebook messenger. They’re usually driven by rules and scripts though sometimes they can be powered by artificial intelligence.

Chat bots can answer your Facebook Messenger questions from your customers 24/7, 365 and they can set appointments that actually show up. Now, for those sales people out there, “Okay, Steve. I want to add a chat bot.” I’ll tell you how in a second but for the car dealers or the businesses who have a website, you’re probably thinking, “Steve, I already have online chat on my website.” Let me explain this. When someone initiates a chat via messenger, you immediately receive all of their Facebook public information immediately.

Now that means you can get their name, their gender, their username, their user ID, their profile picture and their cover photo. Now, for some users, it could even mean their email address, their phone number, their city, their state, their place of employment, their friend’s list and a whole bunch more. Compare that to online chat where your team often never even been gets the customer’s name, they just answer all the questions.

As soon as someone initiates a chat with you via chat bot or via messenger, you immediately get all that information. Now, you want a chat bot because they’ll do a better job than your team will. “Steve, how do I know? How do I know if I need a chat bot?” Do this. Make notes to do this after today. Visit your Facebook page, your business’ Facebook page and send the following message through messenger, “Hello.” Only if you’re not the one who manages your Facebook page. Just send hello.

Now, wait. For 99% of you, the answer is yes, you need a chat bot. What I’m saying is no one is answering your Facebook messengers today. By the way, a great chat bot provider, a great chat bot company, they put messenger right on your dealer website, right on your own website so that you can have an online chat and you can also have messenger on your business website. Now, again, the benefits of having messenger on your business website is when someone clicks and starts that chat as long as you’re logged in to Facebook, you’re going to get all of their information without having asked for it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Steve, great.” Do you recommend the chat bot? I do recommend one for car dealers, RV dealers, powersports dealers and their sales people looking to enhance their social selling capabilities. Now, the chat bot I currently recommend, and I’m not going to mention them by name because as time changes I may change who I recommend. Right now, the one that I fully vetted, that one that I’d recommend to be found by clicking on the little I right here in the circle, on the top right of this video.

You can follow that link and you can see the chat bot that I currently recommend. If you’re watching this recorded a year from now, it might be somebody different but just click on that little I and you’ll see the  chat bot that I currently recommend.