Overcoming Objections on the Phone: I’m Interested in Leasing


Overcoming Objections on the Phone: I’m Interested in Leasing

TRANSCRIPT: Often times when we’re talking about new vehicles on the phone with customers, we’ll get questions that aren’t objections. In fact, they are actually buying signals, right? One of the questions we might get is, “Listen, I’m interested in leasing. Can you give me some information?” Now, we need to remember that we cannot sell an empty seat, and, so, if we give the customer all of the information over the phone, and I mean ALL of the information, there’s no reason for them to step foot in our dealership.

So, think of information on a continuum, right? At one end, we give no information. We give zero information. We just get them in. That’s not a very good customer experience. We’re not going to set very many appointments that show, but, likewise, at the other end of that continuum, that spectrum, where we give them all of the information: we vomit everything, we give them enough information so that they can eliminate us. We’re not very likely to get that customer to show, either.

What we need to do is live somewhere in the middle; somewhere in that sweet spot that is going to get appointments that show and buy. We often vomit up too much information when we‘re getting buying signals so we need to be careful.

So, we get a buying signal like, “I’m interested in leasing. Can you give me some information?” This is a buying signal and like all buying signals, we need to move them towards our goal, not just vomit the information on them. Now, what’s our goal when we have someone on the phone? It’s one goal. That’s right. It’s an appointment that shows. It’s my only goal when I have a prospect on the phone.

“I’m interested in leasing. Can you give me some information?”

“Absolutely. Right now Ford has the very best leasing deals we’ve seen in a long time, and there are plenty of great reasons to lease rather than buy, including you can get lower monthly payments and you can have a lower down payment. Another great reason is you have the ability to always be driving a new car every two or three years, and, finally, there are little to no out-of-pocket costs for repairs when you lease. Now, what I’d like to do is schedule a priority test drive for you with one of our leasing specialists. Was there a particular vehicle you are interested in driving?”

See, we don’t know anything about the customer at this point. Assume they’ve already picked a vehicle and we can drop right into that appointment setting but let’s assume they haven’t already picked a vehicle and the customer tells us they are interested in an F-150. We say, “Great. I’ve got two VIP appointments open this afternoon on F-150’s with my leasing specialists. I have a 1:15 and a 2:45. Which one of these works better for you?”