Overcoming Objections on the Phone: I Want My Out-The-Door Number!


Overcoming Objections on the Phone: I Want My Out-The-Door Number!

TRANSCRIPT: Let’s talk about overcoming one of the most common objections you will get over the phone and that is: “I’m not coming in until you give me my out-the-door number”, right? People say they’re not coming in until they know their payments, interest rates, what you’re going to give them for their trade, etc. They want the whole deal before they will even set foot in your dealership.

This is a very common objection, right? “I’m not coming in until I’ve got my out-the-door number”. Well, we’ve got two options for you to overcome that.

The first option is to reply to that objection by saying, “I agree, Mr. Jones, most people want to know all of the elements of the car deal before they arrive. However, we do reserve our very best price for people who’ve selected and test driven a vehicle, and your presence in our dealership is your leverage. Now, I have two priority test drives open on that vehicle this afternoon: I’ve got a 1:15 and a 2:45. Which one of those works best for you?”

See, that’s not going to work every time. I want to be very clear. None of these ways that we use to overcome objections is going to work every time. Statistics show that 12% of consumers want all of the information or they’ll never show up at your dealership, right? Twelve percent want the very best, absolute lowest price and that’s okay. People who are unwilling to set an appointment with me are, simply, not a fit.

That’s the thing you need to remember: you cannot give up all of the goods because you’re not going to get folks to arrive at your dealership.

Option two to that objection, “I’m not going to come in until you give me my out-the-door number”, is this: “I agree, Mr. Jones. It sounds like you want the very best price you can on your next Camry. Is that correct?”

The customer responds in the affirmative, “Of course. What do you think we’re talking about here?”

Your response should be this: “Excellent. Because we are going to guarantee that we will never be undersold here at Steve’s Toyota, and I can guarantee you that you’re going to get the very best price. What I need you to do is schedule an appointment with us. You bring us your very best written offer. If we cannot meet or beat that price on an in stock unit, we’re going to give you a $100 gift card to the Olive Garden and we’re going to fill your tank with gas. Now, I have two VIP appointments open this afternoon. I have a 1:15 and a 2:45. Which of those works better for you?”