Overcoming Objections on the Phone: Can You Send Me Some Pictures?


Overcoming Objections on the Phone: Can You Send Me Some Pictures?

TRANSCRIPT: Now here’s an objection, or question, that we often get when we’ve just posted a vehicle to our inventory online. The question is: “Can you send me some pictures?” Right? We can get that via text; we can get that via email, or we can get that over the phone. They want to see pictures before they come in.

That makes sense, right?

The problem is that the customer, who is sitting at home, is trying to eliminate you. The more information you give them, the easier you make it for them to eliminate you. Now, unless it’s an exotic or hard-to-find vehicle, there is no need to send them pictures right away.

So, the way that we answer that question (and, remember, we are trying to frame the next step which is to get an appointment that shows), is simply this: “Hey, there, I’m looking at that 2010 Honda Odyssey that you’ve got on your website. Can you send me some pictures of that?”

It’s fair to say, “Actually that vehicle is brand new to our inventory and it’s currently going through reconditioning, so it would be hard for me to get you some great pictures, however, we’ve already had a lot of interest in that Honda Odyssey but I have two test drives open on that Odyssey this afternoon. I have a 12:45 and a 1:15. Which one of those works better for you?”

See, our goal is an appointment that shows. It’s not to say, “Hey, I’m gonna run out and take some pictures and send them to you”. Because, once you give them all the information on that Honda Odyssey, you know what they don’t need to do? They don’t need to come in and see you.

You need to remember your goals when you are overcoming objections or answering questions.