How To Set & Sell Owner Marketing Appointments – PART 5


How To Set and Sell Owner Marketing Appointments – PART 5

TRANSCRIPT: Another buying signal you need to watch out for is, “What about my payments?” See, he wants to buy. He’s picturing himself in your new vehicle right now, but he’s worried about his payments. There is only one answer to that, “Mr. Jones, since we do have a buyer and an immediate need, we are often able to keep people at or near their current payment, however, I do have an immediate need for your Cherokee, and I have two appraisal times open on Cherokees this afternoon. I have a 12:15 and a 12:45, which one of these works better for you?”

See, it’s important; it’s critical that we not just go right into payments because he will start thinking about payments. If we start to get deep into payments, “Well, how much do you pay now? How many months do you have left?” He starts thinking, “Gee, I’m only paying $380 a month now and I only have 5 months left. Why would I want to get a new car and add 72 months to my payment?” Don’t ask these questions. Don’t dive into these, and don’t vomit all the information. I’ve got a buyer and an immediate need for his 2012 Cherokee and that’s what I’ve got to understand.
It’s important to understand that you cannot sell an empty seat. The more information we give him, the less likely he is to show up for an appointment at the dealership. So we have got to keep in mind that I have one goal when I have this guy on the phone and that is an appointment that shows, and that’s it.

Here’s another buying signal. “What time do you close?” Now, we’ve already addressed this, right? If we close at 9:00, I’m going to say, “We close at 9:00, but my last appraisal time on Cherokees this evening is at 7:15. Now I’ve got a 6:45 and a 7:15, which one works better for you?”

The final buying signal we will go into today is – let’s say its Tuesday and I have him on the phone and he says, “Man, I’m interested. I cannot wait to get a new Jeep Grand Cherokee. I love the new models. I can be in on Saturday. What time do you all open?” That’s a buying signal. Today is Tuesday. If I set the Saturday appointment; if I fall into this and I even try to do it right: “Well, we open at 9:00 and I’ve got a 9:15 appraisal and a 9:45, which one works better for you?” And he says, “Well, heck, I’ll take the 9:15. See you then.”

Are we ever going to see this customer? We’re not. We just gave him new car fever on a Tuesday. Today is Tuesday and between now and Saturday, what is this customer going to do? He’s going to shop. He’ll shop all around. He’ll shop online, he’ll visit other dealerships. Who is he not going to shop with between Tuesday and Saturday? He’s not going to shop with us. Why is he not going to shop with us until Saturday morning?

Because he has an appointment. He’s an honorable guy. He’s planning on buying from us. He really is. He’s going to walk into every dealership doing the ‘Heisman’ – “Hey, I’m just looking, I’m just looking. I’m not buying.” And, between Tuesday and Saturday, he’s going to run into a salesperson and they are going to sell him a new vehicle and you’re going to see him driving past your dealership in someone else’s SUV. We have to tamp down his new car fever if he really can’t come in until Saturday. We have to call his bluff and find out.

So, he says, “I’m interested. I can’t wait. I can be there on Saturday. What time do you all open?” We need to tamp down new car fever by saying, “Oh, Mr. Jones, gosh, I’m sorry. I do have an immediate need for a 2012 Cherokee. Now, I have ten more Cherokee owners on my list to call tonight. If I can’t get one of them to sell me their Cherokee today or tomorrow, I’ll call you on Friday to schedule that Saturday appointment. How does that sound?” If he lives or works in our market do you know what he’s going to say? “Well, I can be in tomorrow. What time do you open?” And now we’ve got an appointment that shows. I’m going to say, “Great, Mr. Jones. You just saved me ten calls. I really appreciate it. Now, tomorrow, on Cherokees. I’ve got a 9:15 and a 9:45 appraisal time, which one of those works better for you?”

I have to tamp down his new car fever. But what if he’s out of town and really can’t get here until Saturday? No problem. I’m going to put a note in the CRM. I’m going to call him Friday night around 6:45 or 7:00 – too late for him to go out and look at other vehicles, and I’m going to schedule that 9:15 Saturday morning appointment, because, again, I cannot sell an empty seat.

So, be careful of buying signals. You might think you’ve got this deal sold but, remember, the more information you throw on them the less likely they are to show for an appointment.