How To Sell Cars Online or Offline (PART 25)

How To Sell Cars Online or Offline (PART 25)

TRANSCRIPT: Of course, online to offline where they start online and finish up at your dealership, that’s going to be the most common path and it’s already 39% of your business today. We already understand online form completion leading to offline. We’re going to talk about the perfect appointment shortly but let’s talk about using a partner like AutoFi plus a robust chat application and how those conversations are going to flow.

I want to be very clear. Online chat is a must with online sales plus if your chat team is well trained, they can move the timid online consumer, they can move him into the dealership. That’s why we want someone just a step ahead of the appointment setter. What we’ve got great online chat operators working and we’ve got this timid online customer, we can bring them into the dealership.

When we do this, we want to make sure that that offline experience starts exactly where they left off online. This is why I like applications like AutoFi. In this case, the customer can actually bring in their own tablet, if they’d like. See their own tablet? Yeah. We can actually tell them via chat, “Hey, are you doing that on an iPad? Great. You can bring that right in. We’ll just keep working from there together.”

They can use their tablet or one at the dealership because everything that they’ve done online is stored securely. It doesn’t matter if they bring in their own or if they start back up when they get to your dealership but when they use their own tablet from start to finish on the deal, there are no barriers to a great experience. Why? Because you’re going to get great front and back grosses but they’re in control.

They feel like they’re in control of the whole thing. “Steve, really! Their own tablet?” Yes. The online/offline hybrid with true online tool like AutoFi works best when they bring in their own tablet. It really does. Customers love this and it immediately builds trust. It breaks down all the barriers. Hybrid, by the way, according to everyone who’s experienced this will eventually be the path most used by our buyers coming up. Thirty-nine percent of our buyers today are hybrid, where we add in the right tools and make it a real online to offline buying experience.

This is where most of our customers are going to end up. This is what Carvana doesn’t understand. T-Rex wants to shop, doesn’t he?