How To Sell Cars Online or Offline (PART 23)

How To Sell Cars Online or Offline (PART 23)

TRANSCRIPT: Let’s level set for a second because customers see no differences between your online and your offline businesses. Just like booking a hotel in a Just because I booked online doesn’t mean the experience won’t be fantastic offline. Think about it. In fact, if I book at, I expect to be better taken care of because of my online order. They should expect me. I don’t expect to get to the front desk and have the Ritz-Carlton people go, “Who are you? What did you do? Are you sure you had a reservation?” No. I expect to get there and they say, “Hey, Mr. Stauning. We’ve been expecting you. Here are your keys. Let me just scan your credit card. We’re done.” It should be better.

The same thing with your dealership. Customers see no difference between your online website and your offline business. When they tell you something in advance about themselves and they’re coming to visit on an appointment, it should be a better experience. If you remember this DrivingSales data from earlier today, 39% of your customers today are basically online/offline hybrids. Of course, everybody’s online but 39% of people who buy will make some contact with you before they arrive. We can make the in-store experience perfect for these 39%. Today’s connected customers, they want to buy their way, not ours. Let’s maximize their satisfaction and your profits.

According to a Harris Poll conducted for Ford, 83% of consumers said they want to spend as little time as possible at the dealership. I’m going to let me let that sink in for a second. Eighty-three percent say they want to spend as little time as possible at the dealership. What’s wrong with that 17%. Why doesn’t everybody want to spend less time? I don’t know. Seventeen percent of people love to hang with you, I guess.

We can best accommodate them with an online/offline hybrid experience. We know in advance what’s happening. Let’s create a strategy that maximizes our hybrid sales since these represent the future of the dealership. First we need to acquire these customers. This means a combination of lead acquisition strategy that drives phone calls but also means some self-desking and assisted deals with a partner like AutoFi. Now, acquiring today’s customers. That could be a 90-minute class on its own and it is.

There’s three classes, actually. All three of these classes are available on Again, 100% free. I just didn’t want to rehash all of this. These three classes will teach everyone involved with digital marketing and internet sales, what they need to do to attract more of the 39%. Attract and Sell the Millennial Buyer, How to Attract and Sell More Trade-In Leads and How to Convert More Website Visitors into Buyers. Those are the three classes that you want to assign to the folks involved with digital marketing and internet sales at your dealership.