How To Sell Cars Online or Offline (PART 21)

How To Sell Cars Online or Offline (PART 21)

TRANSCRIPT: All right. “Steve, how do I market this, okay? I want to add to my website but I want to make sure that people show up on my website and start buying cars.” Like all marketing you do, everything should be seamless. Everything should flow together. Everything should mirror everything else, meaning that if I’m going to start with this product, we’re going to look at a Rick Ricart commercial in just a second, how they’re marketing it, it should flow. Whatever I say in this commercial on TV or whatever I say in my online ads, that should match what they see on my website and when they come in in my dealership, all of this stuff should match. This means that whatever creative they use to market this matches the experience both online and offline.

Let’s take a quick look at this Rick Ricart creative. Then, we’ll hop into the next section.

What if I told you you could save time and money by buying your car from the comfort of your own home or office? Only at #1Ricart Ford, we’re pleased to announce AutoFi, a more convenient, transparent, and efficient way to buy a car. AutoFi turns a dealer’s website into a seamless online car-buying experience. Simply select your car, answer a few questions for an instant credit decision, and let AutoFi’s network of lenders compete for your business. Choose the dealer protection plans that work best for you and sign. It’s that easy.

Still want to visit the show room and kick the tires? No problem. AutoFi’s in-store checkout process gives you the same digital experience as buying online. AutoFi, convenient, efficient, transparent, now available at #1Ricart Ford. We’re dealing.

That’s it. That’s online. Don’t worry. We’re going to do hybrid next. Stay with me but what I mean by that’s it is it’s not hard. It’s really not. There are great partners out there who are willing to work with you but it’s something we really need to do today. We’re not going to be on the bleeding edge. We don’t have to worry about that. We’re not going to lose people at our dealership but we could eventually lose sales if somebody else does it, if somebody else is first to market in our market and telling our consumers, our customers that they can buy fully online. We need to get out ahead of this but again, go back to section two today, which was the best offline car-buying experience. That’s as critical or more critical to fixing that. We’ve got to do that as well.

Here’s why. We talk about in our last section here the best hybrid car-buying experience. I’m not talking about buying a Prius. I’m talking about the online/offline buyer.