How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 4)


How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 4)

TRANSCRIPT: Let’s dive right in. What’s a conversion? What’s a conversion out there today? Because there’s a lot of definitions about what a conversion is. A conversion is four things. There are four types of conversions that I like to talk about. One is a sale, whether it’s variable or fixed, it’s a sale. So somebody buys a car, that’s conversion. Somebody gets their car fixed, it’s a conversion. It’s also a contact, that’s a phone call. A scheduled meeting is a conversion and a raised hand. We’re going to talk about all four of those.

Now a sale is easy to understand. An up walks in and buys a car. That’s a sale. Customer drives up to the service lane and gets an oil change based on something they saw on the website, that’s a conversion. Customer orders weather tech floor mats from the online parts store on our website, that’s a conversion. That’s a sale, that’s a type of conversion.

So when we talk about conversions today, we’re not just talking about driving leads and formulates, we’re talking about driving sales, we’re talking about driving contacts, phone calls, chats, texts. We’re talking about driving schedule meetings, we’ll talk about that in a second and raised hands.

The contact is a phone, a chat or a text. That’s easy to understand. That’s a contact. Now a contact in the world of web conversion is any two-way electronic communication. Scheduled meeting, that’s a scheduled test drive from a web form, that’s a service appointment scheduled online. That’s any lead that only requires a confirmation is schedules meeting.

Now, raised hand is the one that we often think about when we’re talking about conversions. That’s the fourth type of lead, that’s a trade appraisal. That’s get e-price. That’s credit app on your website. It’s any form that doesn’t schedule it for a meeting. Now today I’m going to talk about forms and e-leads, sort of an e-mail leads there all the same. They all mean the same thing today. It’s any form on your site that doesn’t schedule it for a meeting.

What’s the best lead type for you? I get asked that all the time by dealers when speaking to their 20 groups is it a phone call, a text, a chat, a form lead. I’m going to tell you that it depends on you and it depends on your team. For dealers with great processes that are strictly enforced, the preferred order is a phone or a text followed by a chat then a form lead on the side, and that’s the way that those work for top dealers today.