How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 19)


How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 19)

TRANSCRIPT:  Now the most exciting trade tool that I can find today that’s just… It is making a difference for dealers generating high amounts of leads that close at a higher rate than traditional trade leads is a company called TradePending. We’ve got a four minute 51 second video. Please it’s worth your time to watch this. Take four minutes 51 seconds. Let’s watch this TradePending video. Then let’s come back and talk about TradePending.

Okay, let me take a few minutes here to talk about TradePending and why I like the tool so much. This is just a demo site. I’m going to show you a live site as well, but let me start when I talk about trade in, in general is you got to ask yourself what good is a trade in tool if I miss more than half of the available leads?

What if the form that I’m presenting is so onerous and has so many steps that most people who see the form abandon it and never even fill it out. Then it’s no good to you. This is not a trade form that’s sitting on a third party site. This is the trade form that is sitting on your website, and the trade form sitting on your website has just one goal, and that is to drive a lead that can turn into a customer. Whether we buy their car or whether we buy their car and sell them a car.

The only goal, the only goal for the trade-in form of our website is to try to generate a customer. That’s the only goal. Generate a lead so I can create a customer. We also don’t need a trade-in from that sends someone off to a third party site. That’s branding that third party that says hey come on over and look at our site. Don’t forget, we’ve got three million used cars listed here.

There is nothing for consumers at TradePending, they can’t go to and buy cars and look at your competitor’s inventory. And so that’s incredibly important. Now, I want you to understand that this trade-in form rests right on the page. I’m on a home page. I can just start typing. Let’s say I have a 2008 Honda Accord right and I say okay yeah I’ve got the EX V6. Boom. It’s right there on the home page. It didn’t take me to another page. It didn’t take me off on another third party site.

It kept me right on the page I was on. And with auto fill on my computer, I get my marker report in what two seconds, three seconds. It really doesn’t take any time. Once I click that button, I’ll get my market report right away. Now, because TradePending can put the page on… Put the form on any page, rather, it can rest on your search results page so right at the top of my search results page.

I can talk about my 2010 Audi A4, there it is there boom. Soon as I fill in my information with auto fill I’m done. I get my market report. I can also have these trade forms sitting right on the vehicle details page as I do here. Now this is great on desk top but you know what’s one of the best things about TradePending, they have an unheard of amount of leads that get generated off of your mobile site. Some dealers are saying as high as a one and half percent or even higher conversion rate on their on their mobile traffic.

Now what does that mean for you as a dealer? It means that for every 1000 valid unique visitors that you have to your mobile site you can expect about 15 leads from that traffic. 15 incremental non cannibalized trade leads that you would not have otherwise received. Now the great thing about mobile traffic, and mobile leads is it’s very low funnel. These are people who are generally ready to buy today.

They’re generally sitting on another dealer’s lot. Maybe on your lot. Maybe their sitting in your parking lot. And you’re going to give them something that says exactly what their vehicle is worth in a nice range. So TradePending is great because the results are crazy. You get higher conversion rates. In fact, for TradePending versus some of the older tools that are out there, some people are seeing double the number of trade leads that they get.

Now, you’re going to double your trade leads, and you’re going to close them at a higher rate and you might say, “Well, Steve, how am I going to close them at a higher rate? Isn’t a trade lead a trade lead?” Well actually it’s not. A lot of it depends on what you give the customer.

So for example if you only give the customer a single value, you’re going to turn off many customers. But even when you give a range sometimes that range is something that they didn’t expect. It’s a little lower than they expected. And so in this case I valued a vehicle I actually own. A 2007 Jeep wrangler SUV X. TradePending doesn’t just give me this range, the value, the value to the dealer but TradePending tells why they gave it to me. And by justifying that value, they make me say, “Oh yeah, that’s probably all my jeep is worth. And I’m more willing to take that value.”

They show me the day’s supply. They show me the demand index for that vehicle in the market. Most importantly they show me an interactive graph for my vehicle. So there’s my car. It’s got 80,000 miles on it. The value to the dealer is $13,700 to $15,100. Now it would be worth more if it had fewer miles. So there’s one with only 26000 miles on it, 600 miles away and its worth $17,938, and it’s going to retail for $20,995. They give me that data. If I had more miles on my vehicle it would be worth less. And they tell me what that vehicle is worth, so they’re justifying that to me.

They’re also showing how they calculate what it’s going to be worth to a dealer. You’ve given someone arrange of $13,700 to $15,100. They’ve been online. They know that online, that same vehicle is going for $16,500 to $18,000. Well, TradePending justifies that for you, so you don’t have to justify that to the consumer. As a dealer the justification has already been made. The trust is already been built.

All right so let’s talk TradePending real quick. Just a quick recap. You’re going to get more leads. You’re going to have better mobile conversions than you’re getting today, and you’re going to have a higher closing percentage in the store with these leads because you’re going to provide better justification to the consumer when they’ve completed the trade appraisal form and the trust has been built.

Now the set up fees are going to be waived for you. Okay, that’s the deal that we got with TradePending. No set up fees for viewers just go to look at recommended, drop down until you see trade in leads. Complete that form. The team at TradePending will help you get these forms, put all over your site including the vehicle detail page views.