How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 16)


How to Gain an Undeniable Advantage: Drive More Sales, Leads & Calls from Your Existing Website Traffic! (PART 16)

TRANSCRIPT:  Now there is a company out there. I’ve been working with this company since 2008 that provides automated specials. Automated sliders so that your team doesn’t have to worry about not having specials, or having specials that don’t convert, or having specials that aren’t special. I’ve got a three minutes and 33 second very quick demo. Please sit through this. Take a look at what an R&D can do because this is driving a lot of leads for dealers to use them. Leads that they’re able to close, but it’s also driving that 61% who just walk into the dealership.

We’re going to look at a quick demo of the R & D Interactive specials and we’re not going to look at the sliders, they’ve got sliders and enhance sliders as well. And these are also products I fully recommend. The sliders are great because you do targeted specials. They support any type of offer.

They actually open based on key consumer behaviors on your site. The sliders dock away when the customers don’t them. And they all provide a printable certificate, but we’re really here just talking about these automated specials because you don’t need your internet manager ever touching your specials. There’s just no ROI in it especially if they don’t convert.

Now, with R&D specials on your site you generally see about a 40% lift in your VIN specific specials above what your website delivers on its own not including other parasites of course. But moreover, dealers see about a 3000% ROI when they do business with R&D interactive, because these leads come in at about $3 to $7 cost per lead for you and if you’re an average dealer you’re going to close your website leads at about 20% or better.

You’re looking at a $15 to $35 cost per sale, not cost per lead, but cost per sale. So this is a dealer that has some very specific rules. They only want their new car specials to be priced below $21000. And so they’ve got a lot of Darts and a lot of Patriots on here, but the fact of the matter is that you can set these up any way you want. These new car specials are great. It’s very quick for the customer to just use their autofill. And then they can say contact me via e-mail, click for e-price done.

They also have links that will take them right to your interactive credit app if that’s something that you want to do. Here’s another dealer with their new car specials. This is a GMC Buick dealer. I wanted to show you the mix of vehicles and mix of prices when you just set your parameters in that you want a little of everything.  So, again all of this is 100% automated.

There’s a panel van, there’s a pick-up truck, there’s another pick-up truck. Here’s an SUV, that’s a Yukon. And there’s an Encore, a little smaller SUV there, and there’s an Enclave and a Regal, a Verano, and LaCross, and then there’s another Sierra and then there’s another Sierra, there’s a Denali.

As you can guess this is a good mix. Anybody who’s looking for new vehicles who comes to this dealer’s website they’re going to see something that they want that’s on special. Let’s look at some quick preowned specials. Again watch the mix and look at the mix of pricing. So here’s a $5200 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and then there’s a $10,000 Volkswagen Jetta, a couple of Fiestas, you’ve got a Focus, you’ve got a Mazda, you’ve got another Fiesta, there’s Honda Odyssey, here’s a Dodge Nitro, here’s a pick-up truck.

Again it’s a great mix, a great mix of both in the dollar range and a mix as far as the type of vehicle. Another used car specials page and you get the idea. You can set your parameters when you’re setting these automated specials pages up so that its gives the proper mix. You can set how many specials you want so you don’t have too many or too few.  Again, they all convert. They all convert at a high rate because it’s a very quick claim this offer, I’m done.

I also want to show you the incentives real quickly, so here are the incentives. They pull in your actual OEM incentives for your market automatically. Let’s just look at the available Wrangler incentives for this market. The consumer can see what the Wrangler incentives are. So they see, “Oh look at this, here’s a lease for $481 a month for 36 months, it’s $2500 due at lease signing. I’m going to check that offer, then I’m going to come down here, and look that. I start my… I got my autofill, it’s all done, contact via email. Boom, click for price. I’m done.”

You’re going to love R&D interactive. I’ve loved what they’ve done for a very long time. They’re a lot more than just automated specials they give you the incentives data. They have sliders for your website. Parts and service coupons and a lot of other great products. Now this is about driving leads the 39% but it’s also about driving the traffic that 61%. Internet managers out there you know you don’t have time to keep up with your specials pages, and more than that you’re not set up to doing converting specials pages. Pages that will convert right from the specials.

Now here is your special from Undeniable Advantage from R&D Interactive. We’re going to give you a 30 day no cost trial of the automated specials and the sliders. Just go to, again, recommended, drop down from recommended to automated specials. You’ll learn all about their offer. They’ll contact you. They’ll help you set everything up. They’ll help you do everything you need.