How to Create the Best Automotive Internet Sales Process Ever! – PART 3

How to Create the Best Automotive Internet Sales Process Ever! (PART 3)

What is the Goal of your Automotive Internet Sales Process?

TRANSCRIPT: Let’s be clear about goals. There are multiple goals for the internet sales process. In fact, there are even more goals for each type of communication, whether it’s email, text or voice mail. Plus, we’re gonna have different goals for each different type of lead, right? We have different goals for a new car. Third party lead versus a website lead versus a trading lead versus a credit [app 00:00:44] lead. Understating these goals allows you to create a better process with great templates and scripts. Again, we’re not gonna go through every one of my templates today, we’re not gonna go through every one of my processes, those you’re gonna get for free just for attending. What we are gonna do is we’re going to give you the “why’s” that we do certain things and the biggest why is the goal. The overwriting goal for the internet sales process, I want you to understand this, is to generate a reconnection. The goal is not to sell a car, the goal is not to sell a dealership and the goal is not to build value. The overwriting goal of your entire internet sales process is to get them to reconnect.

See, the internet sales process is the process that we use to get nonresponsive prospects to connect. Once they connect then other processes take over, like appointment setting processes. Now, we want them to reconnect and some of you aren’t gonna like this, but we want them to reconnect preferably on the phones.

A couple of you are thinking, “Steve, phones? What? Why not text?” Look, don’t get hung up on popularity, okay? Or how you like to communicate, right? Or how you think your prospect wants to communicate. Let’s ask for the reconnection via phone and let’s give options for text and email, okay? I’m not against reconnecting via email, I’m not against reconnecting via text, but let me tell you about the phone. When you get someone on the phone, the phone allows us to hear their voice, which allows us to decode meaning and more easily uncover and overcome real objections. The phone gives you context to what we say and what they say, it provides that context that you can’t get in text and you can’t get in email. The phone is more intimate, which gives us a chance to actually start building a relationship and people are simply more honest over the phone.

Now, the internet sales process is only about driving a reconnection, okay? It’s not about lead generation, that’s what we do first. We generate some leads and then once we get those leads, we drive a reconnection. It’s also not about phones ups, because the internet sales process … We’re already connected when they call in a phone up, we’ve gotten to the connection point. That’s when we go into appointment setting, or once we’ve set the appointment and they’ve shown, we go into in-store processes. The internet sales process is not about selling a car, it’s important to understand that. Now, if you really wanna learn about, let’s say lead generation, we have two free classes on to view, and since I created them, I highly recommend them both. If you wanna take those classes, they’re 100% free on There’s one on generating more website leads and there’s one on generating more trade leads. If you wanna do that, that’s great, do it after this today’s lesson, but bookmark that site.