How to Create the Best Automotive Internet Sales Process Ever! – PART 12

How to Create the Best Automotive Internet Sales Process Ever! (PART 12)

How To Write a No Phone Automotive Internet Sales Process

TRANSCRIPT: Alright, that’s a traditional process, we’re going to jump into the no phone internet sales process now, section five. This one’s pretty self explanatory, right? This is a traditional lead, where we have a bad phone number or no phone number. Of course, you don’t want your CRM prompting you to make calls to these prospects, right? Unfortunately, even the expensive CRM’s do this, and it’s driving your sales people crazy.

They’re being told to make a phone call, they’re being told to call some prospect that they don’t have a phone number for. So you’re either encouraging them to dismiss activities, which you don’t want to do, or you’re encouraging them to fake activities, which you really don’t want to have them do.

You’ve got to have a no phone process, these leads have to have their own process. And so our traditional process includes nine phone calls, and two text attempts, we need a few more emails to generate a proper number of connection attempts, right?

So, for this process, we added 5 instead of 10 over 45 days, emails on the traditional process. We sent 15 over the 45 days with the no phone. Plus, our email templates we need to ask for their phone number at least a few times in these templates, and we certainly wouldn’t do that in the traditional process, because we have their phone number.

Now, some templates you’ll notice when you download the four processes, some templates are going to be similar. But this process of course has no voicemail strips, that’s a big piece of this. Now, “Steve, Steve, why can’t I just use the traditional process?” Okay, go ahead, but with only 10 emails total, and gaps in the first weeks, you may get lots of voicemails in the first week, you’re going to have days when you’re not trying to connect with them, your connection percentage is going to be low.

Also, there are templates in the traditional process that refer to the calls that you’ve made, so you’re going to sound a little silly, and your emails won’t look personal. Now, you can’t make any calls to these people, you don’t have a working number. And so using the traditional process just isn’t going to work.

All right, so let’s write a quick template. This is a day three template for the no phone process. This is actually the fourth email sent, because they’re going to get, remember, we don’t have a phone, so we’ve got to be aggressive with emails, so they’re going to get the auto response, and they’re going to get day one personal template, that I’m going to personally bring in a template, I’m going to make some changes and send it out. Then the day two, right? And then this is day three. So this is the fourth email in the process.

And don’t over think this email, the goal is a reconnection. Whether they call us or give us a working number we don’t care, we need to connect, okay? So again, I love the subject line “Quick question,” and that’s what this subject line is for this day three email.

“Quick question. Hi Mary, my apologies, although I’ve tried to reach you over the last few days I haven’t been able to given that I do not have a valid phone number for you. I have some news about the 2018 focus you asked about, can you call me today at 208-555-1212, or can you give me a number [inaudible 03:13]? That’s it [inaudible 03:18].

By the way, one of the big changes that we’ve made recently, this is from some testing we did, I said “Can you call me today at,” and then gave my number. We found that when you say “Can you call me today?” You drive a higher reconnection than when you say “Can you call me at your earliest convenience?” Or “Can you call me as soon as possible?”