How to Create the Best Automotive Internet Sales Process Ever! – PART 1

How to Create the Best Automotive Internet Sales Process Ever! (PART 1)

TRANSCRIPT: Hi. This is Steve Stauning with another Steve Stauning Short & Sweet Video Training Lesson. Today’s lesson: How to Create the Best Internet Sales Process Ever. Now, today’s lesson was originally record live as part of the Undeniable Advantage live video webcast series. To ensure you never miss a live video webcast, please bookmark

Today is all about gaining the undeniable advantage. We’re going to teach you how to write the best automotive internet sales processes that fit with today’s consumer. Now, I’m not going to take you step by step through every template, every voicemail script for all of my processes because that would be more than a full day of training. We’re going to try to get this done in about 90 minutes, so I’m going to give you more about the why and the how to do it more than the what to do, but again, we’re going to actually give you four free processes today so you don’t necessarily have to take all the notes.

Now, we’re going to review all four processes. We’re going to review processes that we use, the basic four processes that you need for today’s internet customer. We’re going to review the traditional internet sales process. That’s the process where we have, say, an internet lead that has a vehicle attached to it or at least a year, make, model. We’re also going to talk about the no-phone internet sales process. That, of course, self-explanatory. We don’t have a phone number for that prospect. We’ll talk about the trade-in lead process and the credit application lead process, and you need a different process for each one of those four lead types.

Again, twice today we’re going to give you a link to download all four of these processes, once after the break and once at the end of the webcast. Again, all of that is courtesy of Web Control. That’s Dominion’s really cost-effective CRM tool that I absolutely love. I learned about it. Not everybody gets to sponsor these webcasts. We turn down more sponsors than we accept, and we only accept sponsors where we have a proven client, a client who’s proven to be able to sell more cars with their product.

Now, of course, top dealers don’t just have those four buckets, okay? We talk about internet sales process, by the way, in terms of buckets, where we move a customer from one bucket to the other. Top dealers have sub-buckets, so under the traditional bucket, they’ll also have a sub-bucket just for new car leads, or a sub-bucket for used car leads, or even with the new car leads, they may have a bucket for trim-specific leads and a bucket for VIN-specific leads. They also have specific processes for different lead sources. For example, don’t you think you’d want to send a different set of templates to someone who’s connected with you via Autotrader versus someone who came in, say, via AutoWeb or Autobytel? Simple CRMs like Web Control actually make it easy to create multiple process paths.

Now, speaking of Web Control, again, this live video training would not be possible without them, and I’m grateful to their team that they agreed to sponsor today. I really am. It costs us a lot to make these live video webcasts happen, and we simply can’t do it without sponsorship. Again, I only allow sponsorship from products that work and help dealers sell cars.