Creating an Appointment Culture – Part 19

Creating an Appointment Culture – Part 19

TRANSCRIPT: What are the top takeaways about an appointment driven culture for owners, general managers, new car managers, used car managers, internet managers, and F&I managers? The number one takeaway is really that if you have an internet team, for example, they can’t do it alone. Every manager needs to be deeply involved in all of the processes, or you are not going to be able to create an appointment driven culture.

The second important idea is that it takes work. That is a huge takeaway. This does not just happen on its own. It isn’t a “program” from your OEM that you stick on the shelf somewhere. This needs to become part of your store’s culture, and that means you have to be a work horse toward process and accountability. Listen, process is a big word. Process means the activities. If your process is to make these calls, those are the activities. What is accountability? It is just making sure people made those calls, but it is also holding them accountable if they don’t. It means there is some sort of retribution if they don’t do it.

So far, we have that the internet team can’t do it alone and that it takes work. Third is that activities are more important than results. A very important idea to take away from these sessions is that the activities, like making those phone calls, are what matter. They matter more than the results. If you can get your team to make a thousand quality phone calls every month, they’ll each sell thirty cars. They really will, but if you focus on the thirty sold units, they’ll never sell thirty; they’re going to be selling five to eight like they do now. Instead, focus on making them do the activities. Make sure they are quality activities. The results will come. Stop managing the results, and start managing the activities.

Finally, appointments are everything. You need to understand that. The Up-bus isn’t coming around. If you fail to set a firm appointment that shows, you are lucky to sell the car.

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