Car Dealer Phone Ups: The 5 Types You Handle Today (PART 3)


Car Dealer Phone Ups: The 5 Types You Handle Today (PART 3)

TRANSCRIPT: The third type of call we get today is the ‘inquiring’ call. This is a good call. The customer calls up and says, “Hey, does it have third row seats? Is it an automatic? Is that a tear I see in the picture of the back seat?” They are ready to buy today, otherwise they wouldn’t be asking these questions. All we need to do is answer their questions and ask for the appointment in the same breath. It’s not rocket science here. Oh, and, by the way, customers today don’t ask about torque ratios so we don’t need gear heads on the phone.

The fourth type of phone call you’ll get today is the ‘validating’ phone call. This is a good call. You’ll get this when you are priced to market. The customer just wants to make sure that this is the real and genuine selling price. There’s no need for a salesman here. It’s important to understand this: no one calls you when you are overpriced. They want THIS vehicle at the price you have it listed for.

You just need to be strong enough to hold gross and set the appointment. So, you need to answer their question like this: the customer asks, “Is that your best price?” Your answer is simply this, “If you’ve been shopping online, then you know we price all of our vehicles competitively right from the beginning. We would never dream of insulting our customers by showing you our second best price, and then make you negotiate to find some hidden best price. Now, that Camry is priced to sell at $21,399, and it will likely not be on our lot much longer. I have two test drives open on that Camry this morning. I have a 10:15 and a 10:45. Which one works better for you?”

The fifth type of phone call your team will be answering is the ‘scheduling’ phone call. This one is the proverbial ‘laydown’, right? The last thing you need here is a floor salesperson on the phone screwing it up. They have all the information. Now they just want a test drive, right? All they are trying to do is schedule a test drive that’s convenient for them, not something that is only convenient for the salesperson. This is why we created BDC’s in the first place.

Now, they will either ask directly for a test drive, that’s rare but it’s great when they do, or they will mask their desire to buy with a smokescreen question like, “Is it in stock?” Your job is to answer that question with something like this: “I saw that vehicle this morning. At the price we have it listed for it will not make it to the weekend. Now, I have two test drives open on that vehicle this morning. I’ve got a 10:45 and an 11:15. Which one works better for you?”

Then just shut up and wait for them to set their appointment. See, answering the phone is not science. Answering the phone is not selling and it is not complicated. Answering the phone is just about appointment setting.