Attracting and Selling the Millennial Buyer

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Attracting & Selling the Millennial Buyer

Despite the great demand we’re seeing today, the market is changing faster than ever before. Old school sales tactics & disengaged service managers will simply not cut it in when the market inevitably turns south. Attracting & Selling The Millennial Buyer is the only management-focused training truly designed to prepare your teams to succeed now and far into the future!

Brand New for 2016!

Millennials are different and they are abandoning “the dealership experience” in record numbers.

They don’t like your salespeople.

They fear your sales managers.

They despise dealing with your service teams.

They hate your processes.

They hate everything about the dealership experience. And guess what: IT’S NOT ABOUT PRICE!

Millennials gladly pay more for a better experience in everything they do. Get them to gladly pay more to do business with you and your sales and service teams!

Attracting & Selling the Millennial Buyer is not another regurgitation of the tired, old school, Road-to-the-Sale crap that you’re overpaying to relearn today. It is brand new for 2016, and an EXCLUSIVE lesson for your dealers and their managers that they will say is the best training they’ve ever attended!

Designed to help your managers understand why today’s consumers are different, as well as learn:

  • How to appeal to them by better leveraging the tools and sources you’re probably already using;
  • What really matters to Millennials with Mobile, as well as other Digital Marketing;
  • How to get more millennials to show up at your dealership – whether or not they have an appointment;
  • How to close more of these customers at higher grosses once they arrive on the lot;
  • How to get them to trust and do more business with your Service Team today and in the future;
  • How to communicate with Millennials before, during and after they service with you;
  • How to shorten your Road-to-the-Sale without shortcutting your profits or your market share; and
  • How to grow market share in 2016 and beyond by attracting ready buyers to your dealership!

Steve delivers this training in two identical 3.5 hour lessons on the same day. This allows you to send all of your managers in a given market to the training: Half in the morning, half in the afternoon!

Dates are limited!

Hire Steve to train your dealers and their sales and service managers on the most important lesson they will receive this decade!

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