More PPC Red Flags: How to Spot & Stop SEO & SEM Waste & Fraud (PART 10)

More PPC Red Flags: How to Spot & Stop SEO & SEM Waste & Fraud (PART 10)

TRANSCRIPT: Here’s another huge red flag. The vendor basically says, “We don’t link PPC into your Google Analytics account because we use proprietary software and algorithms.” I’ve heard that. “Mr Dealer we will not link the PPC into your Google analytics account because we use proprietary software and algorithms.” Folks, not sure what their software has to do with this but anyone buying Google AdWords must do so through the Google AdWords platform. So, it’s nothing to link the two together. And because they’re using the AdWords platform they could easily link this into your Google Analytics account.

When they link this, you can see the spend on both your AdWords and your Google Analytics accounts. The only reason not to link the two is to cover up theft and fraud. I cannot think of another reason why you wouldn’t link AdWords to Analytics. If your vendor, if your provider os SEM will not link full AdWords data into Google Analytics then you need to run.

Now, you may also hear this, “You know what? We can’t show you our Google AdWords account because our other accounts are there.” I’ve heard this too. See the vendors accounts, if the vendor’s a premiere provider, those are all contained in Googles master client center, every SEM has one of these, okay? So, all the good SEM’s have this, all the bad SEM’s have this. It’s Google’s master client center, MCC it’s called.

Now, you don’t want access to MCC, you don’t want to see all of their accounts, because Google set it up so that even if they have a master client center and all their dealers are in there, it doesn’t stop them from linking your AdWords to your Google Analytics, let’s be very, very clear on that.

See they don’t want you to do this, right? They don’t want to do this. Because Google’s master client center is where the client can see the actual dollars the vendor spent on your behalf. They can show you just where you are on through master client center. Again … Well let’s say it this way, there should be 100% transparency, if there’s not you need to run.

But I don’t need to worry about that because if I pay Google directly it solves this, right? I don’t need to see their master client center. So, again, you need to be paying Google directly. If they won’t let you pay Google, they won’t link your AdWords to Google Analytics, and, or they won’t show you your data interesting the master client center with the actual costs showing in the master client center, then you need to run.

All right, here again, rather than worry about all this, just pay the search engine directly with your credit card, earn the credit card points or miles, stop worrying about the management fee theft. Doing this allows you to focus on getting AdWords linked to your Google Analytics account.