Appointment-Driven Communications – Part 10

Appointment-Driven Communications – Part 10 TRANSCRIPT: All of our ‘what’ must be quality, right? All of our emails and all of our voicemails have to be quality activities because we need to understand the ‘what’. What is the goal of the email? It’s to drive a phone call. What is the goal of the voicemail? It’s(…)


Appointment-Driven Communications – Part 9

Appointment-Driven Communications – Part 9 TRANSCRIPT: Okay, so we talked about the ‘why’. The ‘why’ is simple. Why you need an appointment culture; why you need to use the talk tracks; why you need to have the discipline. There are a lot of ‘whys’ and the whys are simple. Well, guess what? The ‘what’ is simple,(…)


Appointment-Driven Communications – Part 8

Appointment-Driven Communications – Part 8 TRANSCRIPT: As you may recall, earlier in the training, I talked about how today I’m going to tell you what to say; how to say it ; but, more importantly, why we want to say the things we’re going to say to try to drive appointments. Why it’s important that we(…)


Leading an Appointment Culture – Part 12

Leading an Appointment Culture – Part 12 TRANSCRIPT: Okay, now it’s the ‘show’, right? It’s the final step in the perfect appointment. Its in-store VIP treatment. How are your managers managing this in-store VIP treatment? How can you make sure that its happening? How are they making sure that its happening? This is the show. They(…)


Creating an Appointment Culture – Part 17

Creating an Appointment Culture – Part 17 TRANSCRIPT: Step four in the Perfect Appointment is “Show Time!” It is the in-store VIP Treatment. You want to greet and treat whoever the prospect is like a VIP, preferably by a manager. If not, you are going to do a management TO right away. Let’s assume you(…)


Creating an Appointment Culture – Part 16

Creating an Appointment Culture – Part 16 TRANSCRIPT: The third step in having a perfect appointment is something called Pre-Appointment Preparation. Remember, managers need to be deeply involved in all four of these appointment processes otherwise you will not have a Perfect Appointment, and you will not close them at eighty percent. Part of the(…)


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