Vendor Vetting

Steve’s Memes: When Everything Is Critical, Then Nothing Is

Today’s Lesson: Focus on those things that actually move the needle.   ZMOT… Big Data… and now Micro-Moments?!?!? Unless you’re the CMO of a Fortune 500 company, it’s better to focus your marketing and sales efforts on those things you can (1) Easily Measure; (2) Quickly Understand; and (3) Successfully Influence. For most of us,(…)


Steve’s Memes: Follow the Money

Today’s Lesson: Follow the Money   Doesn’t it seem like a strange coincidence that all the free industry webinars that tell you why you must use widgets are delivered by a guy whose company sells widgets? TODAY’S LESSON: Don’t be fooled by Snake Oil: Always Follow the Money.  


Avoiding Snake Oil – Part 3

Avoiding Snake Oil – Part 3 TRANSCRIPT: So, I hope the question on your mind is “How can I buy like a Fortune 500 company and not be taken by the snake oil salesmen out there today?” Number 1 is – you can vet more efficiently. For example, don’t accept meetings on their terms. Accept meetings(…)


Avoiding Snake Oil – Part 2

Avoiding Snake Oil – Part 2 TRANSCRIPT: Because there is so much snake oil out there today, you have every reason to be skeptical, so, assume the worst. So, how do we stop snake oil? Well, there’s three ways – you shop around, you ask around and you wait around. I’m telling you to ask the(…)


Avoiding Snake Oil – Part 1

Avoiding Snake Oil – Part 1 TRANSCRIPT: Small and medium sized businesses are getting taken every day because things like new technology, social media, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, and Online Directories have created a new breed of ‘snake oil’ salesmen. All of these have value and all can be important, but all of these can(…)


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