Important lessons… all delivered in small chunks.

Steve delivers critical sales, leadership, customer service and general management training in bite-sized nuggets designed to help you and your team reach your potential. On this site you’ll find lots of free “How To” lessons from one of America’s most sought-after leadership speakers and trainers.


It’s true, all of the training provided on SteveStauning.com is 100% free for you to use while visiting this site. We’re able to bring you this training at no charge in part because we are paid a small referral fee when one of our site visitors (like you) buys a service or product that Steve has fully-vetted and recommended. If you’d like to help us pay for this training, we ask that you view the products, services and vendors Steve Recommends and contact the respective vendor from that page. That way, Steve will get full credit.


Steve is much more than just a successful and popular writer, keynote speaker and trainer. In fact, Steve is also the founder and CEO of pladoogle, a leading ecommerce solutions and consulting firm providing cutting-edge products as well as sales and customer experience consultation to industries ranging from automotive to both old and new media.

Beyond his work with pladoogle, Steve is also proudly involved with Dealers United as a member of the Dealers United Board – and has been since 2011. His work with this phenomenal organization is often limited based on his other commitments, but he believes so strongly in their mission that he proudly tackles whatever roles they ask him to fill.

Got a specific customer service or leadership dilemma you need solved? Steve is the creator and chief editor of the popular customer experience and leadership blog AskTheManager.com. (And Steve would be happy to answer your leadership questions via the Contact Form on that site.)

Want Steve to provide a few quick lessons about something specific? Send him a request through this handy Contact Page. If it’s something he’s encountered, he’ll gladly record his thoughts on this site and send you a link.

(If you’d prefer to read a more formal, boring personal biography, here’s Steve’s: Steve Stauning is the host of Undeniable Advantage Live!, a monthly live video webcast and training provider for dealerships and other industries hosted at UndeniableAdvantage.com. He is also the founder of pladoogle, LLC, a leading training, mystery shop, ecommerce and automotive consulting firm providing cutting-edge products and in-store sales consultation to automotive dealers, industry vendors and media companies. Prior to his involvement with pladoogle, Stauning served in various automotive ecommerce leadership roles, including as the Asbury Automotive Group’s (NYSE: ABG) director of ecommerce, the director of the Web Solutions division of the Reynolds & Reynolds Company, and as general manager for Dealer Web Services at Dealer Specialties. Stauning is also an extremely popular leadership blogger (hosted at AskTheManager.com) and automotive industry speaker and writer; and he operates a free video training site at SteveStauning.com.)

Steve Stauning : Short & Sweet