Steve Stauning


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Beyond this free online video training and serving as the host for Undeniable Advantage, Steve provides training and consulting services individually to a variety of companies in a number of industries; though his primary work is in automotive. Here are just a few of the ways you can use Steve to bring value, knowledge and energy to your organization:

On-Site Training & Consulting

Hire Steve to train and consult with your team. From in-dealership sales, customer experience, appointment, internet, digital marketing and phone training to consulting with automotive OEMs and other industries, Steve will bring his fresh approach about customer service to old school organizations looking to capture more business with today’s connected customer.

Keynote Speaker

If you’re trying to find the best keynote speaker for your event or gathering – someone who is an expert on The Customer Experience and who will deliver an entertaining session that also provides the information and knowledge your audience can genuinely put into practice the moment they get back to their desks – then you need to talk to Steve Stauning! Based solely on your needs, Steve will customize an entire keynote address that is guaranteed to energize and enlighten your event attendees. Contact Steve today if you’re committed to bringing the best keynote speaker to your gathering.

Other Speaking Engagements & Dealer 20 Groups

Have Steve personally address your group or gathering. As one of the leading customer service, marketing, sales and leadership experts today, Steve will customize an entertaining, lesson-packed message specifically for your group. If you’re looking for motivational, digital marketing, customer experience, sales, process, management or leadership guidance for your team, Steve Stauning will work with you to create the perfect message delivered in a high energy, positive and entertaining style.

Video Spokesman and Video Production

Hire Steve and his team to create, shoot, edit and produce videos specifically for your business. From serving as a video spokesperson to creating a customized video solution for your company, Steve and his team will manage as much or as little of the project as you need.

Leadership Consulting

As an accomplished team-builder and highly successful leader with a proven record of transforming failing institutions into viable organizations, Steve will help mold your team and/or your company into an industry-leading, cohesive group capable of profitably growing market share regardless of your situation. (These assignments vary in breadth and depth from one-time consultations to Steve taking a medium-term interim leadership role with your company.)

Board Membership

Have Steve bring his wealth of leadership, organizational, sales and marketing knowledge to your company as a member of your Board of Directors; utilizing his unique expertise and guidance to ensure your company’s prosperity.

If you’re interested in discussing any of these roles with Steve, please call him directly at 888-318-6598 or use the Contact Steve page to send him a brief, confidential message.